Whether or not you believe in an arranged marriage, Married At First Sight is an interesting show to watch. A ship cruising to its doomsday is always a thrill. The show is at its 12th season and this season we have a rather interesting couple, Haley Harris and Jacob Harder.

In this article, we shall introduce Haley Harris to our dear readers and provide some interesting wikis.

Haley Harris Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Based on the first looks of the new season of Married At First Sight (MAFS), Haley Harris was 28 years of age. There was, however, no information about her exact birthday.

And since her exact birthday was not known, her zodiac sign was also not known.

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Haley Harris Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Not much was known about Haley’s family. There was a mention somewhere of a grandmother named Peggy Whitfield. Apart from that, we do not know much.

Haley’s hometown was reportedly Alabama.

For her high school education, Haley went to Chelsea High School in Alabama. Later for her college education, she went to the University of Alabama. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Management degree in hospitality.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Haley was not that big on social media-yet. In fact, she had only 1.3k followers on social media, even though she had 330 posts. Also, she had kept her account private.

On Facebook, she had over 2.2k friends but that was not really an indication of massive social media reach. We could not even find her on Twitter.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Haley Harris is a woman of rather large features. She is taller than average, standing at a height of over 5 ft 7, almost 5 ft 8 inches. And when it came to her weight, she weighed almost 60 kgs.

Her distinct features include dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and a rather long neck.

Haley Harris Job, Net Worth, Career

Professionally, Haley Harris is an account executive living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from college, she started as a field sales manager for Tempoe. Then she went on to work as a Sales Representative for Crane Worldwide Logistics.

As of 2021, Haley was working as an account executive for Worldwide Express. Based on our financial sources, an average account executive in the Atlanta area earned over $88 thousand every year. Haley must be earning an amount that is close to that number.

Haley’s net worth, therefore, was about $750 thousand.

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Haley Harris Married At First Sight, Jacob Harder, Still Together?

Before she decided to participate in Married at First Sight, Haley was bridesmaids at 14 weddings. Everyone was getting married around her, and she was not really finding anyone trustworthy.

Her previous boyfriend had cheated on her and got another woman pregnant while they were still together. Haley did have some trust issues, but she was ready for some help from experts to find a loyal partner.

In MAFS, she was partnered with Jacob harder, 38 years of age, and an IT analyst. There was an age gap of 10 years. But the experts believed that Haley and Jacob were a promising match.

Things were not, however, off to a great start. During their honeymoon, Jacob and Haley got into a fight. And Jacob Harder went on to accuse Haley of having a boyfriend. The reason was that instead of spending time with each other, Haley was hanging out with other cast members.

In her defense, Haley had not been in a relationship for over six years and things were going too fast for her. The fight continued even after they returned from their honeymoon and moved in together to their apartments. Eventually, Jacob apologized and the two reconciled.

The fans of the show were divided in this fight between Haley and Jacob. Some showed sympathy for Haley while others found Jacob to be the more reasonable one.

Although the show was airing right now, it was filmed in the mid-2020s. So, the fans were curious about whether or not the couple was still together. Unfortunately, the couple has kept everything hush-hush.


Haley Harris and Jacob Harder during their wedding circa 2020 (PC:

If you want to know the mystery of their relationship, you should watch the show. The other couples in the show include Chris and Paige, Vincent and Brianna, Ryan and Clara, and Erik and Virginia.

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