A question to ponder: if hunters spend a great deal of their time away from home and with the wild animals, how do they manage their marriage? Steven Rinella is an expert on such questions thanks to his own marriage with his wife Catherine Finch.

In this article, we do not try to muse over that question. Rather, we leave it for the readers to do. Instead, we ponder over Steven’s own marriage, especially his wife. Those of you who know Steve and want to know about his wife, read along. Others, who do not even know Steve, still read along, you might get to know him too.

Catherine Finch Age, Birthday, Zodiac

We start by introducing Catherine. Catherine Finch was born on 18 May 1979, which meant she was 41 years of age at the time of writing this article, i.e. 18 February 1979.

Furthermore, because she had her birthday on the 18th of May, we can say that her zodiac sign was Taurus.

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Catherine Finch Wiki— Family, Hometown, Education

Now that her age and birthday are out of the way. Catherine was born and raised in her hometown of Saugatuck, Michigan to a white American family.

Catherine Finch was born to parents Cynthis R. Stewart and Terry L. Stewart. Apart from the names of her parents, there was information on the web about Catherine’s family before marriage.

We know nothing about Catherine’s high school education. However, she went to Colorado College for her undergraduate education. She graduated with a B.A. degree in English. Catherine also attended Columbia University for a publishing course.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Catherine Finch is a woman of average height, standing at 5 ft 6 inches. Also, she had a modest weight of 55 kgs.

There were not many pictures of Catherine around the web. So, it had hard to really pinpoint her distinct features. But we shall try. She was white, she had dark hair. And that was pretty much it.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The reason that Catherine did not have too many photos on the internet was that she was not present on social media. Whatever photos there were came from her husband’s social media. Steven was actually massive on social media.

On Instagram, Steven had 896k followers by Feb 2021. Similarly, his Facebook page had 406k likes and 629k follows. And his Twitter handle had 95.7k followers.

Catherine Finch Net Worth, Job, Career

Now that we know where she comes from and other minutiae of her life, it is time to know who Catherine really was (profession-wise). She was a publicist but also worked other jobs.

Catherine started her career as a senior publicist for Simon & Schuster. After working for over 3 years in that job, she went on to work as the director of publicity for Miramax Books. Her next job was that of a Director of Marketing and Publicity for Weinstein Books.

Since 2010, Catherine was working for Amazon. The first four years in Amazon, she worked as the head of Publicity in Amazon Publishing. Then for the next three years, she worked as the Director of Strategic Programs. She eventually left her job in Amazon in 2018, after working for over 7 years.

As of 2021, Catherine Finch held the job of Chief Communications Officer for MeatEater, Inc. She was also a board member of Big Sky Youth Empowerment.

According to our sources, the average salary of the Chief Communications Officer in the San Fransisco Area (that was where she lived) was $281k. However, Catherine was someone with huge experience, her salary must be in the upper range, i.e. about $344k.

Furthermore, her net worth, as of now, was about $1.5 million. Whereas her husband had a net worth of somewhere between $3 and $4 million.

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Catherine Finch & Steven Rinella: Dating, Wedding, Children

Catherine Finch is married to Steven Rinella. For those who do not know Steven, he is a hunter, a conservationist, and a reality TV personality. He is mostly famous for his Netflix series MeatEater as well as a lot of books.

In fact, it was during the publication of his first book that he met Catherine (also called Katie by her beloveds). At that time, Catherine was working as a publicist in New York and Steven was publishing his first book.  According to Steven, it was an unexpected attraction.

Being an adventurer, Steven was looking for an outdoorswoman but Katie very much belonged to the “civilized” world. But the attraction happened anyway. According to Steven, he fell for Katie’s knowledge of what she wants and her determination to get it.

Steven proposed to Katie in March of 2007, a few years after they started dating. It was a very modest proposal. The wedding happened 16 months later on the July of 2008 in Fennville, Michigan.

By 2020, it had been 12 years since their wedding, and they had three children during the process. Nothing was known about the children because they had kept their children away from the public just like Katie herself was far from it.


Catherine “Katie” Finch with her husband circa 2009 (PC:

Now, back to the question, we asked at the beginning of this article: if hunters spend a great deal of their time away from home and with the wild animals, how do they manage their marriage?

According to Steven, the key is to not hold any grudges after a fight, be honest from the beginning, and “respect her turf”.

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