Chris Williams II of Chris & Paige of Lifetimes‘s Married At First Sight (MAFS) Atlanta has stories to tell. He has stories about sleeping in a parking lot of Walmart cause he couldn’t rent a room. He has stories of spending extra hours studying Harvard University syllabus to self-taught about finance. And he also has a success story of landing a six-figure job and eventually owning a Subway Franchise.

So for that, we’ve prepared this wiki-article to help him out with his story so scroll down to learn more about him.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Chris Williams was 27 years old as of 2021 and that’s all we knew about him. Information on Chris, such as his birthday and his zodiac remained a mystery like his partner Paige Banks.

Chris Williams Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Chris Williams was born to his anonymous parents in South Side Chicago. He spent his early life in his hometown of Inglewood, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago.

The reality star grew up around gang violence, drugs, and poverty. He lived and shared the same neighborhood where Derek Rose, Jabari Parker, and Anthony Davis lived. As he stated in an interview with The Atlanta Voice, he belonged to a family who was financially stable but not rich.

However, Chris stayed very quiet about the information on his parents and his siblings. But as e-online noted, he was raised by a pastor instilling the Christian values in him which he lives by to this day.

As for education, after completing high school, Chris Williams left his hometown to attend college in Phoenix, Arizona. While there he studied finance.

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Chris Williams Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Compared to his partner Paige Banks, Chris Williams stands a few inches taller measuring at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Likewise, we weighed about 64 kilograms (141 lbs) as of this writing.

As for Chris’s distinct features, he keeps a clean-cut look with a sideburn and is always dressed well.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Coming to Chris Williams’s social media reach, he is quite popular on the internet. With multiple online news outlets covering his story, his social media reach grew exponentially over time.

As of Feb 2021, Chris’s Instagram account earned a total of 9330 followers in total. Likewise, his Facebook account earned him 2644 followers in total. Similarly, some 235 people followed Chris on Twitter.

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Chris Williams Net Worth, Job, Career

Chris Williams initially served as an Army National Guard. But after his early discharge, Chris quitting the military snatched away all the privileges he had before.

Following high school graduation, Tennessee State University accepted him but didn’t have enough money to keep up with the fees and other expenses. As a result, he started working as a car salesman in Arizona.

While working there, Chris saved a little sum of money which he used all up to join the Automotive Dealership Institute. By February 2018, he completed the program and he moved to Miami after that.

Though he expected to get a job pretty soon that didn’t go as planned. With a choice to either rent a room or rent a car, Chris felt the second choice more suitable as he needed a ride to go to job interviews.

With no money in his pockets or savings, he lived as a homeless guy sleeping in his car and showering at the gym. When Chris fell short on the rental payment of the car, the car dealership threatened to report the car stolen.

But the one thing which he always did was read books and enrich his knowledge in finance. But his perseverance and faith did pan out well.

In June of 2018, he landed a job as a finance manager which paid him a six-figure salary that turned his life around. As Chris claimed in several interviews, he had over 40 different jobs from the age of 18.

Eventually, he went on to own the Subway franchise under the tutelage of Ralph Diesel (aka Raphael Saye) another multi-unit Subway owner. As a piece of trivia, on the first week of him owning the franchise, all of his staff quit the job. They left him alone to run the place all by himself because of his racial profile.

Chris even thought about selling the place but didn’t all thanks to god’s good grace.

Regardless, with a six-figure salary as a finance manager, and the income from the outlets, Chris Williams ended up pocketing a total net worth of $800 thousand.

Married At First Sight Couple Chris Williams & Paige Banks Still Together?

Chris Williams II and his partner Paige Banks are mystery figures to many including us. But they commonly shared a few things in common that we know of. The first is both were faithful to Jesus and didn’t hesitate to paraphrase passages of the Bible every once in a while.

And the second is, Paige & Chris of MAFS Atlanta shared the same nature of the job and that is finances. Having the first-hand experience of each other’s job and faith, the couple in a way seemed a perfect match for each other.

However, the question remained: are Paige Banks & Chris Williams still together? This was one thing we share in common with our readers, which was, we were also in dark on that matter.

Chris Williams Baby Mama, Pregnant

Several episodes in, MAFS fans learned Chris Williams left his fiancee who was pregnant with their child to be on the show. They directed anger at not just Chris but also the franchise, demanding justice for Paige.

Chris’s baby mama/former fiancee is Mercedes Myrick. A native of Detroit, Mercedes worked at NBA TV. Later, she pursued a career in law. As of 4th Feb 2021, Mercedes was 33 years of age.

In Feb 2020, Chris popped the big question to Mercedes. By June, the couple had broken off their engagement. Chris, however, claimed they split a month before.

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