Shalom BLAC is known among social media users as a makeup artist and lifestyle content creator. One terrifying incident damaged her mental health and her confidence as it affected her physical appearance. But, instead of feeling frustrated and weak, she chose to remain strong and be the face for someone who went through the same stuff.

Scroll down to learn more about this cometic icon and her contribution along with her life story.

Shalom BLAC Story: Is She A Burn Victim?

Yes, Shalom BLAC is a burn victim. She was only 9 years old when a disastrous incident occurred in her life. Back in Nigeria, she and her siblings visited her mom’s restaurant often to help her out. But one day her mom told her to lay down in the store. Following her mom’s instruction, she laid down beneath a big table where her mom kept food. Unknown about the hot oil her mom put to cool it off, the hot oil fell right on her and her sister. She went on conscious and remembered waking up to a pain that she felt over her body.

This is when everything changed for her and her sister. Though the start of the path that paved her future was a harrowing one, it influenced the life she lived and every decision she made thereon.

Shalom BLAC Age

Shalom BLAC was born on 27 October 1995. She turned 25 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2020. Moreover, she secured Scorpio as her zodiac sign securing qualities such as brave, loyal, and honesty among a few others.

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Is Shalom BLAC Jewish?

Since her name, Shalom was derived from the Hebrew language which meant Peace, people wanted to know if she was Jewish. However, she never addressed the query.

Shalom BLAC, real name Shalom Nchom, was born to her parents in Nigeria. Even though she interacts with her fans daily, it never occurred to her to reveal info on her father and mother. She also has a god mom on whom she performed makeup on her YouTube channel. However, the harrowing incident which occurred in her childhood happened in her mother’s fast food restaurant. The only information we know regarding her parents.

Moreover, she also has a sister named Stella who also happens to be a makeup artist. Stella is often featured on Shlom’s YouTube channel performing makeup tutorials.

Her Height

Shalom Nchom stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Moreover, she weighed about 72 kilograms (158 lbs). What’s more, her chocolate-colored skin looks beautiful on her wigs of different colors. Plus, Shalom is blessed with measurements of 38-26-38 that gave her stunning looks.

Why Is She Bald?

Among all the parts of her body, the hot oil affected her head and peeled out all of the skin on her scalp. This caused Shalom BLAC to not being able to grow her hair back. This made her experiment with foundations of different shades on her skin to hide the scars on her head or put on a wig to cover it up.

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Shalom BLAC Net Worth

According to, Shalom BLAC sits on a total net worth of $162,000.

After the accident, it wasn’t all easy for her as she felt bitter about her life and everything else. She projected all of the ill feelings towards other people. Shalom BLAC mustered courage and found the silver lining when she discovered makeup.

Moreover, Shalom depended on makeup to cover up the burns she took from the accident. Her desire to have eyebrows kicked off her career as a makeup artist. She started watching videos doing makeup longed for someone who went through almost the same thing that she did.

More she watched, Shalom realized that the normal routine wouldn’t work for her skin. But, all she ever wanted was to find the confidence to be able to feel comfortable with who she was.

Shalom became more serious about makeup and started her YouTube channel to promote her makeup tutorials. But when she started struggled to find the foundation that fitted her skin tone, because of the limited number of shades of foundation.

Not only she found success as a makeup artist, some even considered her to be a role model which she never thought she would become. As of February of 2021, Shalom has huge social media followers on Instagram, 767k to be exact. Whereas, she successfully gathered 1.55 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Shalom has been featured on YouTube channels of different lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Allure, Harper’s BAZAAR, and a few others. She also earned endorsements from brands such as Kelvin Klein.

About Shalom BLAC Plack Panther

On 12 December 2018, Shalom BLAC had a surprise guest for her YouTube subscribers. She invited fellow makeup artists and TikTok and YouTube star Patrickstarrr for the makeup tutorial.

From the very intro of the show, she made it clear what theme of make she would follow as she appeared as one of the female warriors of the movie Black Panther. The video garnered 272k views as of February 2021. She received rave reviews from her fans in the comments section.

One commenter responded with,

“Patrick’s eyes are everything but I’m totally loving this WAKANDA look!!!! Shalom totally looks like she belongs in the movie!😍🔥🙌✊️✊️✊️”

Whereas, her short skit at the start of the video earned her more praise. To which one fan shared,

“The first 30 seconds of this video literally made my day 😂😭”

Shalom BLAC Husband

In July of 2019, Shalom BLAC opened up about her love life. Never mind a husband, she shared that she never had a boyfriend even at the age of 23. She never flinched and hesitated and accepted that it was her scars that played a huge role in her not having a boyfriend.

Shalom shared about dating a guy in high school who was his senior. When she felt assured that he would ask her for the prom, but it didn’t go as she imagined. Instead, he chose another girl instead of her and had her as his option.

There were also rumors about Shalom dating Justin Cook, a fellow YouTuber. However, her fans weren’t very happy about her seeing the guy. Shalom also dated a guy named Michael Seaton Jr. whom she featured on her Instagram, Boyfriend Tries to Guess Makeup Prices. But, the whereabouts of her relationship remain obscure as of this writing.

Talking about Shalom BLAC’s husband, she definitely hasn’t found the one that could fill the shoes.

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