Home transformation shows are really in fashion these days. And true to popular, as always, we bring to you today, an article about Clint Robertson. Clint was the famous one-half of Bosie Boys, HGTV‘s famous home decor reality show based in Bosie, Idaho.

Read along to know more about Clint and his personal and professional life and also a little more about Bosie Boys.

Wikipedia — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Well, we do not know the exact year of Clint’s birth. But some records mentioned that he was 45 years of age as of 2021. But it was not confirming the detail.

We do, however, know the exact birthday of Clint. Clint was born on 16 October (of perhaps, 1975). And with his birthday on the 16th of October, his zodiac sign was Libra.

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Clint Robertson Bio — Family, Hometown, Early Life

Not much was known about Clint’s family, except that it was a family of entrepreneurs. There was some info about his mother-in-law, Corliss Neece. She lived in Texas.

While his family members remain unknown, there was a fair bit of information about his early life. As a kid, he lived on a family farm and worked stringing barbed wires and swinging hammers. That laid the basis of his future in home-making and renovating.

Clint was born and raised in Texas. We do not know the exact city or hometown of Clint, but one might say that his home was Texas.

Clint was a religious person and a Christian.

Clint Robertson Looks Like, Height

To say in a word, Clint Robertson looks like a typical white guy with no beard. He had short light brown hair, very very light yellow eyes. Plus, Clint had a height of 5 ft 11 inches and a weight of 88 kgs.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Clint had a decent social media reach. Especially among the home transformation reality shows fans, he was rather popular.

On Instagram, he entertained 34.3k followers as of Feb 2021. And on Twitter, he had 1.4k followers. Furthermore, he had a usual Facebook account as well as a Facebook page, which had almost 4k likes and a similar number of followers. There was also a Timber and Love (see in the net worth and job section) Facebook page, which had 21k likes and 24.6k followers.

Clint Robertson The Apprentice, Education

Talking about his education, Clint, in fact, had a business degree from Texas Christian University as well as a law degree from Southern Methodist University.

Clint had a family background of business, he had an educational background in business, but did he really have a business disposition? Well, he participated in NBC‘s The Apprentice.

The Apprentice was a reality show where a group of contestants participate and show their business skills. They are judged. And the best of the lot wins the show. Clint reached the finals of season 10 but lost the competition in the finale.

So, one can say that he had a very good knack for business.

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Clint Robertson Net Worth, Boise Boys, Luke Caldwell

Our sources have estimated Clint Robertson’s net worth to be around $3 million.

Although, Clint had gained a little bit of name in reality TV with The Apprentice (2010), his real rise into fame with Boise Boys. But before Bosie Boys, there was Timber and Love.

When Clint first met Luke Caldwell, they were too different from one another. But Luke’s art sensibilities and Clint’s “get it done” business disposition fit rather well. And Timber and Love arrived in 2015. A home transformation company.

A few years later, HGTV, always looking for interesting ideas for reality shows, found the two of them, and Bosie Boys was born. Bosie Boys follows Luke and Clint as they put each’s expertise into recreating beautiful houses.

The first season premiered in 2017 and the third season was about to premiere in 2021.

Clint Robertson Wife, Sons, Is He Still Married?

Yes, Clint was still married and very happily so. He was married to his wife, Sandy Robertson. Clint and Sandy first met when they were studying together at Texas Christian University. And they have been married since December 1992.

Clint’s wife was also from Texas and was also quite a religious person. One peek at her Facebook and you will find her love for Jesus straight on.

In their almost three decades of married life, Clint and his wife had three children, all sons and all quite grown up.

One of their sons, Daniel was studying Physics and Pre-Med at Boise State University. Another, Eli was studying at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. And lastly, Jake was studying at the University of Washington School of Medicine.


Clint Robertson with his wife and sons circa April 2020 (PC: Clint’s IG)

Now, that their sons were grown up and each had started their own journey through college, Clint and his wife were living in Boise and returned to their pre-sons phase of romance.

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