Rain Brown is the daughter of a survivor family, who lived in the Alaskan wilderness and tried to survive nature’s antagonism. The exploits of the Brown family were documented on Discovery Channel‘s scripted reality television series called Alaskan Bush People.

Read the article below to know more about Rain Brown and her entire family, and their attempt at surviving against Alaska.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Real Name

Rain Brown was born on 23 November 2002, which meant he was 18 years of age as of Feb 2021. Also, her real name was Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown.

With her birthday on 23 November, Chantel’s zodiac sign was Sagittarius.

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Rain Brown Wiki — Family, Parents, Siblings

Rain was born to parents Billy Bryan Brown and Mari Larene Branson (Ami) Brown. Rain’s parents got married in 1979. In 2017, it was revealed that her mother was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. Her mother’s illness also caused Rain clinical depression. Meanwhile, her father passed away in Feb 2021 following a seizure.

Now, she was the youngest of 7 Brown siblings. Among the Brown siblings, Matthew William (Matt) was the eldest, followed by Joshua (Bam Bam), Solomon Isaiah Freedom (Bear), Gabriel Starbuck (Gabe), Noah Darkcloud. All of whom were Rain’s brothers.

Rain also had an elder sister among her siblings, Amora Jean Snowbird Brown. Amora was also called Birdy by her family members.

She was born in Alaska but it was not known where exactly.

Rain Brown Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Rain Brown was 5 ft 6 inches tall and weighed 53 kgs.

Rain’s distinct features included her short boyish and beautiful hair. Rain keeps changing the color of her hair. Most recently, she changed a front part of her into pinkish-red.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Rain had a huge following on social media. She was on Instagram with the handle @heroofkirrkwell, where he posted the photos of Alaskan scenic beauty, herself with her family members. By Feb 2021, she had 248k followers with 534 posts.

Rain was present on Twitter with the same handle, @heroofkirrkwell. However, on Twitter, her following was significantly less, with 11.1k followers.

Rain did not seem to be present on Facebook.

Rain Brown Net Worth, Education, Alaskan Bush People

Like all of her siblings, Rain was homeschooled. As they resided in a remote part of Alaska, her mother gave them their education. Rain’s mother not only gave them the daily lessons but also believed that they learned a lot more from nature itself in Alaska.

Sometimes the questions were raised about the level of education Rain and her siblings were receiving. Some online critics had raised questions ranging from her singing ability to her grammar.

Everything about Rain and her family’s life was documented on Alaskan Bush People, a Discovery Channel documentary-like reality TV show. In 2017, Rain also revealed that she wanted to go to college. However, she kept on appearing on Alaskan Bush People. It was unlikely that she went to college. But she was only 17 years of age, and she still had time to get a college education.

According to the sources on the web, Rain’s father, Billy, earned almost $500k per episode, and the rest of the family members, including Rain, earned between $40k and $60k. Moreover, as of October 2002, Rain Brown’s own net worth was around $500 thousand.

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Is Rain Brown Gay?

Rain’s short boyish hair and her ferocious attitude she showed in the Alaskan Bush People, people started to suspect that Rain might be gay. Apart from the genuinely curious fans, there were also some bullies, who trolled Rain for not accepting her sexuality.

Rain eventually addressed the rumors and made it clear that she was straight. She had also fought back against the trolls, although in a calm and decorous manner. About labeling her fandom rainbow, Rain clarified it was a clever play of words — she considered her fans “boo”.

So, the answer would be no. No, Rain Brown is not gay.

Rain Brown Boyfriend, Dating, Baby

Now, gay rumors out of the way, there was some curiosity about Rain Brown’s boyfriend. As of 2021, Rain was a very private person and refrained from revealing anything about her dating life. Even in the show, there was nothing concrete to prove that Rain had a boyfriend.

In fact, a lot of online sources say that it was likely that Rain was still single. Once, Rain did come out and professed her love for somebody. But it was for her dog named Jackson. Rain had one more pet apart from Jackson, Bardum.

Furthermore, there was another rumor going on about Rain’s personal life. Some media outlets had speculated that Rain was pregnant and had already welcomed a baby. However, once again, the rumors were not confirmed.

At the age of 17, Rain believed she had an important relationship with God. Maybe, God and her two pets were enough for now and a boyfriend was something in the future.

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