Jacob Harder is the star of season 12 of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight. The relationship experts from the show paired him up with Haley, one other contestant. The couple had a smooth start but found a few rough patches.

Scroll down this wiki to learn more about Jacob along with other details on his life and career.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jacob Harder was 39 years old as of February 2021. However, no further information regarding his price date of birth surfaced in the public domain.

This restricted details on his birthday and zodiac sign.

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Jacob Harder Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Jacob J Harder was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown of Lorain, Ohio, the United States. His parents did play an important role in raising him and his siblings. But, his private nature didn’t allow him to share information with his folks.

However, a few websites on the internet noted Carolyn A Harder, Edward J Harder, Edward J Harder, and John W Harder as his family members. After going through Jacob’s Facebook, a possibility exists that he has at least two brothers (Edward Harder and John Harder).

Moving on, to be able to work as an IT Programmer one have to have at least a college degree. However, his education and college he went to remain a mystery.

Jacob Harder Height, Weight

Jacob Harder is a hunky man, who has been in great shape throughout his life. Moreover, he stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Also, he weighed about 76 kilograms (167 lbs).

Moreover, he is a gym buff who was ripped at his younger age. Plus, he often received compliments for his hair even on his comment sections.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Jacob Harder only seems to be on Facebook. He is active on the platform regularly. Other than that, his presence doesn’t exist on other social networking sites including Twitter and Instagram.

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Jacob Harder Job, Net Worth, Career

Jacob Harder is quite a guy who accomplished quite a lot in his life. From success and wealth, he tasted it all in his life. When he debuted as a reality star, he has been working as a Senior IT Programmer.

As stated in glassdoor, an average Senior IT Programmer makes at least $90 thousand as a yearly salary. So, that amount helps contribute to his net worth.

Besides his job, he is also a fan of 80’s nerd culture. He also loves home improvement projects. Moreover, he purchased a 23,000 square foot four-bedroom home in East Cobb county in Georiga for $275,000 in July of 2019.

Jacob had been talking about his house a lot, even with his in-laws. But, the fans of MAFS were split in the reaction. While one-half of the fans were happy that he is proud of the amount of work he did to model his house, the other half thought he talks a lot about his house.

Conclusively, Jacob Harder has a cumulative net worth of at least $600 thousand.

Jacob Harder Haley, Married At First Sight, Still Together?

Jacob Harder had plenty of fun in his ’20s and was nowhere close to committing to someone. In his blissful youth, he never desired to give his all to someone else. But starting from his mid-’30s, he has been desiring a serious relationship and started dating seriously.

While Jacob found success financially, his love life remained barren as he couldn’t found himself someone to who he could commit. So, he rested his faith in the experts of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight.

Jacob believed the experts would help him find someone who can fulfill his wishes to have children. He was clear from the very beginning that he wanted a partner who could actually communicate and work through challenges. Jacob also believed that arranged marriage lasted and survived more than the love marriage.

In the show, Jacob was paired with another contestant named Haley. Haley, who worked as a sales representative, also owns a home. Both Jacob and Haley shared their love of dogs, and Jacob has three. Unlike Jacob, Haley was in two long term relationship but it ended painfully.

And Like Jacob, Haley was also taking the assistance of the experts from the show to find her a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship. They met each other for the first time at their wedding.

Both sat with each other’s in-law to learn more about their spouse. Jacob’s father assured her that his son is a good guy, the first thing she learned from her father-in-law. However, Haley learned that he eats steak and eggs for every meal was one thing that she couldn’t bring about.

However, the couple’s differences made the fans believe their relationship probably wouldn’t last long and end up in divorce. So, are Jacob and Haley still together? Fans had to wait for the other episodes for other updates.

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