Clara Fergus is one of the cast members featured on season 12 of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight (MAFS). She was paired up with Ryan Oubre and the couple was already embroiled in drama early on.

Delve into this article as it starts unfolding information on Clara Fergus, a Georgia native.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Clara Fergus was 27 years old when the 12th installment of the show Married At First Sight premiered on the Lifetime network in Jan 2021. By July 2021, she was already 28 years old.

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Clara Fergus Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Clara Fergus was born to her lesser-known parents in her hometown of Georgia, United States. Her mother is Londa Berghaus. Admittedly, her father Roy D Berghaus is everyone’s favorite Nigel Thornberry lookalike.

For siblings, Clara has a sister named Abbey Berghaus. At 21, Abbey had a Master’s degree.

Following graduation from high school, the reality star attended the University of Georgia. Clara attended classes to study political science but later became a flight attendant, but more on that later.

Clara Fergus Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Standing at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches, Clara Fergus’s beauty further amplified her personality, a must for a flight attendant. Moreover, she weighed 54 kilograms (119 lbs) giving her the gorgeous features that people ladies would kill to have.

What’s more, her wardrobe is filled with clothes with vibrant colors that demonstrated her sense of style. In this season of the show, she is the only star with blonde hair which happens to be her distinct feature.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

By July 2021, Clara Fergus had 93.8K on her Instagram @claraoubre. Her Twitter @claraoubre, on the other hand, had around 340 followers. Meanwhile, she was available on Facebook @cberghaus.

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Clara Fergus Job, Net Worth, Career

During an exclusive interview with Heavy, Clara Fergus displayed her happiness about switching majors and pursuing a career to become a flight attendant.

When Clara isn’t on her traveling schedule, she loves taking a walk in the Atlanta Beltline, previously a railway corridor that people now use to go for a walk. The corridor is filled with a vibrant environment filled with Atlanta natives coming out for a walk. There are restaurants and places to grab drinks if one needs a fun time with friends, and as a foodie, the places remind something closer to heaven for her personally.

Along with grabbing meals in the place, she could also be found enjoying a good book. Clara is a keen reader who can finish a novel in a week, no matter the length. She particularly enjoys thrillers and mystery.

While in the quarantine period, Clara also picked up a new hobby to make Dutch acrylic paintings.

Clara joined Lifetime’s Married At First Sight (MAFS), so she could settle down and start a family. Coming off a failed relationship, she avoided dating around and was resting faith in the choice of the experts from the show.

She admitted to getting tired of being hit on by passengers and avoids dating men who don’t take her seriously. Clara starred in season 12 of the show along with 9 other contestants from Georgia.

When the relationship she chose to stay in didn’t work properly, she decided to rest her faith in the experts such as Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Vivianna Cole.

Plus, her dreams of becoming a mother could manifest into reality if the relationship matchup with Ryan Oubre worked out well by the end of the season.

Based on the data of glassdoor, an average flight attendant makes about $44,000 per year as a salary. The amount along with her personal net worth, Clara Fergus stands stacked a total net worth of $300 thousand.

Clara Fergus Ryan Oubre, Married At First Sight

Experts believed Ryan, a software project manager by trade, would be a perfect partner for Clara. They were among the interracial pairing and had no unease since both had prior experience.

On the day of the couple’s marriage, she felt being “overdone” and not feeling herself. She complained about her dress and hair to her bride’s maid. She even planned to wear sneakers on her wedding dress.

Plus, she felt the “eye mask” idea from her husband-to-be was a total gimmick and showed total disagreement. All the drama from the day and the fans of the show named her a Bridezilla.

But her biggest fear was Ryan being a reserved individual who wouldn’t reciprocate his feelings towards her as she falls in love with him.

Following their marriage which aired on the 2nd episode, Clara discovered her new last name would be Oubre. However, she commented that she had hoped for something simple for a last name like Smith or Black.

But, fans showed displeasure with her comments on Ryan’s last name. Her “pig Latin” comment draws criticism from fans. While some fans made fun of her, others recommended she don’t have to change it if she didn’t like it.

Both having powerful personalities, the couple preferred to avoid discussing their insecurities. Despite some fears, Clara believed both of them would have a lot of fun.

On Decision Day, Ryan and Clara opted to stay married. However, their relationship eventually met its end. Two months after the season wrapped, the couple announced their divorce. What’s more, the split announcement acknowledged their supporters. By their admission, they were planning a second wedding before the breakup.

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