On 2nd June 2021, Discovery+ is bringing to its audience a new show called Too Large about weight loss journeys of seven different people. The star of the show, the doctor extraordinaire who helps these seven obese people to transform their lives, is Dr. Charles Procter. And in anticipation of the upcoming show, here we have today an article about Nirali Patel, wife of Dr. Procter.

Read this Dr. Nirali Patel Procter wiki below to know everything that you need to know about Dr. Charles Procter’s wife. You will not only read about interesting facts about Nirali like her age and her job but also about her relationship with her husband Dr. Charles Procter.

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Nirali Patel Age

Nirali Patel was born on 25 November 1974. Meaning, she was 46 years of age by the time this article was penned, i.e. 30 May 2021. And since celebrated her birthday every year on November 25, her zodiac sign was Sagittarius.

Nirali Patel Ethnicity

Although she is now an American and lived in the US, her ethnicity is Indian, as you might have guessed from her name. The only thing we knew about her family (and her Indian) heritage is the name of her mother, Ranjan Mahendra Patel. And the fact that her mother died on 21 January 2016.

We also knew a little about her mother-in-law, Elizabeth (Beth) Thomasson Procter. And like her mother, her mother-in-law also died in 2016. She died a few months after Nirali’s mother, on 28 August 2016.

Her Height

Nirali Patel stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches, which was quite tall for a woman of Indian ethnicity. Furthermore, her physical features include dark black hair, brown eyes, and a beautiful smile.

Her Instagram, Facebook

We could say that Nirali is pretty much absent from social media. Or at least that she is present in the name only. She had an Instagram with one single photo of her and her husband and only 187 followers. We could not even find her on Twitter.

She was present on Facebook and had 443 friends but a regular Facebook profile with 443 friends cannot be said a mass presence on social media.

Nirali Patel Job

Just like her husband, Dr. Nirali Patel is also a doctor. In fact, she is a dentist with a DMD degree. As of 2021, she had her own general practice (in dentistry) in Canton, Georgia. She also had a job in Children’s Dental Zone in Alpharetta, Georgia.

According to the various financial statistics, on average dentists in Georgia made $227 thousand every year. However, Dr. Nirali is an experienced doctor and she even worked in multiple places. So, her annual income must be a little more than that.

As of 2021, she had a reported net worth of over $1 million. Moreover, Dr. Nirali was also a generous philanthropist. She has donated to multiple fundraisers for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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Nirali Patel And Dr. Charles Procter Jr: Wedding, Kids

Nirali Patel is married to Dr. Charles Procter. And we have already mentioned that Dr. Charles Procter is going to feature in an upcoming reality show, Too Large, about the weight loss journeys of seven obese people. However, Too Large is not Dr. Procter’s first appearance on reality TV.

In fact, Dr. Charles Procter is quite famous among reality TV fans. Previously, he had appeared on TLC‘s six-part series called 1000-lb Sisters as well as on TLC’s Family By the Ton. Both of the shows are about the weight loss journeys of people who are way too overweight.

In 1000-lb Sisters, Dr. Procter helped Tammy and Amy Slaton, two sisters who weighed a combined 1000 pounds. And in Family By the Ton, Dr. Procter helped three cousins who weighed, all three together, over 2000 pounds.

Dr. Procter is a bariatric surgeon. And as a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Procter is a member of Beltline Health, a weight loss solution located in three different locations in Georgia, Atlanta, Newnan, and Stockbridge.

Anyway, Nirali and Charles are married for a long time, and together they had three kids, all three sons of the names Dillon, Kiran, and Kamran. The eldest son, Dillon, had just graduated (on 25 May 2021) from his high school and he was going to attend the University of Georgia this coming fall.

Based on Nirali’s husband’s Instagram, the couple seemed to be still smitten with each other even after all these years and after three children. They still go to different places for vacations and attend different events. For example, in April 2019, they went to Buenos Aires to attend an orchestra.


Nirali Patel with her husband Dr. Charles Procter celebrating outdoors during 2021 new year (PC: Charles’s IG)

They live in Georgia with their three kids (two in the next few months when Dillon leaves for university).

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