Success is often looked up from a career perspective. But the actual factor that leads a successful life is your satisfaction and that comes through a good note in every aspect of your being. One of the major aspects is your personal, family life. Erik Lake, the man we all saw in FYI’s Married At First Sight believes he failed to achieve the same satisfaction in his love-life, that he has in his career.

When he made his first glimpse in the show, Erik was a divorced man for three years but was a highly successful Airline pilot. How much is his net worth? What’s his family background? And who was his ex-wife? Did he have kids? If these are your questions, continue reading!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Erik Lake reached the age of 34 on his 2020 birthday. His Facebook pictures gave a glimpse of when the man celebrated his birthday.

From what he posted, Erik celebrates the day during the mids of August which makes him Leo by the zodiac sign.

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Erik Lake Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Erik Lake has been clear about his family life although he tends to reveal less about his early family members.

He unveiled the fact that he came from a conservative family, thus, referred to himself as a traditional guy.

Where was his parental hometown where he spent his childhood remained a secret. But he has opened up about the places he lived in the past

Erik’s Facebook bio says that the man moved to Enid, Oklahoma in the year 2014. He then moved to Mcconnell AFB a year after in 2015.

Later, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, which was his place of residence during his first on-screen facade. It might also be his job that drove him to live in different places during different times.

Also, no details on his education have been out to the public, but from his job as a pilot, it seems like Erik has a technical background in education.

Erik Lake Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Erik Lake stands tall at a height of above 6 feet. His weight of under 84 kgs justifies his height well.

Erik’s distinct features are many besides his well-blended height and weight but his personality might win the race leaving everything else behind. Erik’s hair looks quite fascinating. From hair color to styling, his attributes help carry all his distinct features with grace.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

When he started in Married At First Sight, Erik Lake was publicly active only on Facebook. He was neither on Instagram nor Twitter during the time. His fans and followers already wished to see him on Instagram at least if not Twitter as it was the most popular among youths.

Hopefully, the man shows up on other social media too soon, as per the interest of his fans.

Erik Lake Net Worth, Job, Airline

As per his reality show bio, Erik was all focused on his career from an early age. The facets of the youth are visible to all. It’s a time when you’re obligated to multiple aspects, including, education, career-building, finding love, and many more.

Erik used his far-sightedness and focused more on his job ever since his early twenties. He worked for Delta Air Lines.

Erik’s job as the airline pilot gave him a salary of about $187K. Besides his airline salary, the man supposedly got a bonus ranging from $1K to $48K every year.

Although his actual net worth from the pay he got was a secret, the man did not amass less than $800 thousand net worth.

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Erik Lake & Virginia Coombs On Married At First Sight

Erik Lake got shipped with Virginia Coombs on the reality show Married At First Sight. She is a 26-year-old marketing agency job holder.

As a customer experience specialist, Virginia is also successful in her career like Erik. So, their married life might go well for life or it also has a probability to end up in their differences.

Erik Lake with his partner Virginia Coombs. (Pic- Screenrant)

Erik comes from a conservative family while Virginia is a social butterfly. The two have 8 years of age difference too.

Moreover, Erik is the first-ever participant of Married At First Sight, to have been divorced before appearing in the show. He got divorced 3 years before his on-screen facade.

The 12th season of Married At First Sight undoubtedly got in an interesting term with Erik and Virginia’s ally.

About Erik Lake First Wife, Divorce, Kids

As mentioned earlier, Erik Lake was married before. He got a divorce from his ex-wife due to his occupied career in the airline, and an unapproachable married life.

Erik was always open about his past failed marriage, but at the same time also respected the privacy of his first wife as he never revealed her name. Neither have there been any reports about him having kids from his past relationship.

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