Ryan Oubre is best known for being the cast member of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight (MAFS). As a romantic individual, he also demonstrates his softer side while being involved in charity work.

With an eclectic taste in music & movies, there exist no chances that his partner would be bored with him. However, it doesn’t match Clara’s interest in reading novels. So what are the other details yet to be known about Ryan Oubre? Well, scroll down to learn more about him!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ryan Obure was 29 years old when Lifetime premiered the first episode of the television show. As of July 2021, he was 30 years old. Meanwhile, 5th June marks his birthday.

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Ryan Oubre Family, Parents, Hometown

Ryan Oubre was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown in Atlanta, Georiga. While the names of his parents haven’t surfaced for public knowledge, the fact that they were happily married for 30 years has been widely shared.

Since Ryan’s parents set an example with their strong relationship, it was only natural for Ryan to crave for the same in his lifetime. Moreover, his family boasts French Creole heritage and hailed from New Orleans.

However, Ryan’s last name seems to be one of the few problems Cara has with him. In fact, she poked fun at him and expressed her desire to have something common such as “Smith” or “Black”. But fans of the show came to Ryan’s defense and criticized Clara for her remarks.

What’s more, Ryan has a brother named Chad Oubre. In January 2021, Chad turned 34 years old.

Ryan Oubre Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ryan Oubre stands under 5 feet 10 inches in height. Also, he weighed about 82 kilograms (180 lbs). As a distinct feature, Ryan dons a short mohawk-styled haircut. He has grown facial hair and looks unmanaged because of its curliness.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Unwillingness to reveal private information isn’t the only thing Ryan has in common with Clara Fergus. He is also hard to locate on social media account. He couldn’t be located on any of the highly popular social media including Twitter, and Facebook. Meanwhile, his Instagram is @ryanoubre.

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Ryan Oubre Job, Net Worth, Education

Following high school graduation, Ryan Oubre attended Kennesaw State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in communication and film from the same. While in college, he mostly focused on film/cinema/video studies.

Coming to Ryan Oubre’s job, he joined Geek Squad as an advanced repair agent in April of 2019. After working for the company in the same position for a little over 5 years, he quit his job in the company to join Paycom.

Ryan joined Paycom as a senior transition specialist representative (TSR) and held the position until 2017. After his untiring effort and dedication towards the job and the company, he ranked up to become TSR manager for Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and New Jersey.

Starting from May of 2018, he started working as a TSR Manager based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been working ever since.

Moving on from his job, Ryan also earned Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification from the University of Oklahoma. Furthermore, he also earned Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from The University of Georgia in November of 2019.

Ryan is not an average guy who gets tied up in building a career. The handsome hunk is also focused on staying healthy and active. Most people might not know, but he is a CrossFit athlete in the Men division.

Talking about his stats, Ryan Oubre ranked 54200th worldwide and 25476th in the United States. All of this was made possible, by his sheer hard work and willingness to give up his ego. As his coach told, he also encouraged his fellow athletes.

While moving around for work, Ryan Oubre traveled a good bit for work and thought he got enough exercise. But, after coming moving back to his hometown, Ryan joined CrossFit and he felt like being in the best shape he has ever been.

Ryan grew up around barbells so he complies with squats, power cleans, and bench press. Talking about workout jams, he created a playlist on Spotify for Gym listening to rappers such as Kendrick, Rick Ross, TI, Jeezy, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Future, 2 Chainz among a few others.

Even outside of the gym, he is actively involved in recreational sports playing soccer, flag football, and kickball leagues.

Coming to net worth, Paycom TSR Manager’s salary is around $51,485 per year with additional pay of $5,691, as per the data of glassdoor. All of that put together and his personal fortune, Ryan Oubre reportedly sits on a total net worth of $250 thousand as of this writing.

Ryan Oubre Clara Fergus, Married At First Sight

Before Married At First Sight (MAFS), Ryan Oubre had been in a bi-racial relationship where he had to deal with racism. Plus, he is not actively involved in conversations with his exes. But his romantic side brought him to Lifetime’s reality show hoping to find “the one.”

Ryan Oubre debuted his career as a reality star starring in the 12th season of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight (MAFS). The experts from the show paired him up with a fellow contestant Clara Fergus, a flight attendant by trade.

Moreover, Ryan planned to wear a blindfold until they said their ‘I Do’s. However, Clara found it still but still did it anyway. While unbeknownst about what was going with his wife-to-be, he couldn’t witness the all drama and commotion Clara Fergus was creating on the other end.

Upon discovering Ryan’s last name, Clara displayed disappointment made fun of his last name. However, fans of the show came for Ryan Oubre’s save and defended him online.

The experts truly believed they would make the best couple. However, until the ‘Decision Day’ aired, nobody knew whether the duo chose to stay married or get a divorce. Nevertheless, Ryan and Clara gave off a vibe that they would probably work out with their differences for saving their marriage.

On Decision Day, Ryan and Clara opted to stay married. However, their relationship eventually met its end. Two months after the season wrapped, the couple announced their divorce. What’s more, the split announcement acknowledged their supporters. By their admission, they were planning a second wedding before the breakup.

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