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Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness is the latest true-crime exploring the wild lifestyle of Joe Exotic, who bred big-cats in his private zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

More importantly, it explores Joe’s fatal squabble with Carole Baskin, an animal rights advocate and his run-ins with the law, multiple times.

This wiki-style article has attempted to shed light on the murder-for-hire tales of Joe Exotic AKA “Tiger King”. So delve into it.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Height

Joseph Allen Schreibvogel AKA Joe Exotic has completed 57 years of age of his life.

He has been celebrating his birthday on the 5th of March every year since 1963 and he is Pisces by Zodiac sign.

Joe stands at a towering height of 5 feet 12 inches (1.82 meters).

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Joe Exotic Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

The farmboy-turned-zoo owner’s parents were wealthy farmers who treated their children as extra help to maintain the farm.

He, along with his 4 siblings, grew up maintaining the family farm. The family primarily focused on work rather than intimacy and love.

Except for Geraldo, he was never really close with anyone and neither his parents were.

The family later relocated to Wyoming followed by Kansas where they owned a huge estate.

When Geraldo, Joe’s brother, died falling the victim of DUI in October 1997, his family won $140,000 in a lawsuit settlement. With the money, he bought 16 acres of land and built cages in it. He opened the zoo two years following the death of his brother.

Joe Exotic’s private zoo was known for sheltering lions, tigers, alligators, bears, and Liger, Tiger-lion hybrids.

He along with his boyfriend, J.C. Hartpence started a show where he got his moniker Joe Exotic. He also produced and starred on a TV show from his broadcasting studio.

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Law Enforcement Stint, Gay

In 1982, Joe Exotic graduated from high school and joined the local police department. By the age of 20, he was already promoted to chief of police.

Joe always had a thing for men.

At first, he was in a relationship with Brian Rhyne. The married couple’s lasted almost 14 years ending in 2001 owing to the passing away of Brian due to a deadly infection. He held the funeral in the zoo.

Following that, Joe started dating Travis Maldonado, a recovering meth addict. The pair parted their way after 4 years of being in a relationship in 2017.

The polygamist maintained relations with John Finlay and J.C. Hartpence. His relationship with Hartpence ended after a clash between them.

Travis Maldonado and John Finlay married Joe Exotic in a three-way ceremony. After the relationship got sour with John and Travis passed away, he married Dillion Passage in 2017.

As of March 2020, Joe was in a relationship with Dillion Passage. They started at a couple since 2017.

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Involved In Husband’s Death?

Joe Exotic was married to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado.

The throuple married life was going great when Finlay couldn’t take more of Joe’s obsession with his zoo. One day he lost it and attacked Joe. (fisheries) They split after the violent commotion.

Following the split, on 6 October 2017, Tavis shot himself with a Ruger pistol. He was trying to prove to Joe that gun without a magazine wouldn’t fire. But to his misfortunate day, a bullet caught in the chamber took his life.

Before responders arrived at the scene, he was dead already.

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Where Is Joe Exotic Now? Jail, Carole Baskin

Joe Exotic had become the target of animal rights groups for suspected animal rights abuse. He was accused of not providing enough veterinary care for the animals and fined several times.

The private zoo owner had run-ins with the law for animal cruelty over the years.

But, the most intense clash happened when he went head-to-head with animal rights activist and Big Cat Rescue founder, Carole Baskin.

Joe had inbred a feeling of revenge on Carole when she won a $1 million lawsuit against him in 2013. Joe used the name of Big Cat Rescue and its logo for the show’s promotion and advertisement.

He had filed bankruptcy to having to pay the animal rights activist.

But the paranoia derived by his obsession with the zoo made his send threats at Carole. He tried intimidating her with guns and explosives on social media.

Joe even reached a point where he wanted his prospective business partner James Garretson to hire hit-man to take out Carole for $10,000 following all the madness he was surrounded by.

More on that, he offered her employee, Ashley Webster, a few thousands to put a bullet on Carole’s head. She blew the whistle leaving a voice mail to Carole regarding the murderous intent of Joe after she quit the job.

Soon the voice mail tape reached federal agents and James Garretson was hired as a secret informant.

A plan was formed to arrest Joe. James Garretson was to introduce a hit-man, Joe was looking for and build a case and arrest him.

But Joe was persuading zoo employees to do the dirty job. Once his employee had ripped him off, Joe turned to James as his last resort.

However, before Joe would meet his hitman, a secret federal agent, Joe and his husband gave everything up tired, exhausted and frustrated and moved to Florida. He was arrested there for plotting to murder Carole Baskin.


Joe Exotic in 2019 (Pic: Santa Rosa County Jail)

Joe’s trial began in March 2019. Several zoo employees testified against him.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for falsifying wildlife records, violating the Endangered Species Act, and for murder-for-hire in January 2020.

During the trial, he was held at Grady County jail.

As of now (March 2020), he awaits designation to a facility and currently under custody.

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Additional Interesting Facts on Joe Exotic

  • Joe Exotic had built the private zoo in the memory of his late brother Geraldo.
  • He was a believer and practitioner of polygamy.
  • Joe, Geraldo and Joe’s first husband Brian ran a pet store together in Texas.
  • A deer and Buffalo was the first animal in the zoo to be sheltered
  • Joe had also adopted two tigers that he named Tess and Tickles.
  • The jury reached the verdict and he was convicted on two counts of murder-for-hire, eight counts for violating the Lacey Act and nine counts of violating of Endangered Species Act.
  • Joe had shot and killed five tigers to make a room for new-coming animals but during the trial, he claimed on putting them down because of the ailment.

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