The Americal drag queen, Miz Cracker is the 5th ranked contestant of reality competition series RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10.

Fighting for the LGBTQ community, Miz is also a well-known advocate and has penned down lots of articles in support of LGBTQ rights. Her essay on Uganda’s immoral law against the LGBTQ community almost sparked an uproar from most of her followers.

Miz proved her dedication to the community by participating in Bob the Drag Queen’s demonstration for marriage equality. It took place in Times Square in 2011 with the support of hundreds of other drag queens.

Discover more about what Miz Cracker holds hidden as the article unfolds.

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Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Miz Cracker was born as Maxwell Heller on 19th April 1984. She was raised in Seattle, Washington along with her sibling.

As Miz’s father was raised by one of the Holocaust survivors, her parents revealed that Miz’s real name was given to her as a remembrance of the innocent lost lives during the second world war. At the time, Nazi Germany was attempting to exterminate all the Jews.

It later came to light that Miz’s sister was also named after the Holocaust survivors that raised her father.

Admittedly, Miz Cracker was always proud of her Jewish ethnicity. She expressed that acceptance of her ethnicity never hindered her in her work. Furthermore, Miz was seen advocating her Jewish catchphrase “Shabbat Shablam” frequently during the RuPaul’s Drag Race

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Miz Cracker’s Drag Mother

Miz Cracker launched her drag career in 2011 while participating in marches for marriage equality.

Before she came out of the closet, Miz admitted that she wanted to kill herself as she was confused with her sexuality. She always had a hard time struggling with body dysmorphia and identity crisis.

Miz confessed that her heart was always on the dolls and dresses while all her friends were keen on sports and physical activities.

It was Bob the Drag queen who introduced Miz into the world where she knew she had always belonged. Bob encouraged Miz to accept her unique identity and become who she was born to be.

Miz considered Bob to be her drag mother who she can always count on for guidance and times of shivers.

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 Miz Cracker On RuPaul’s Drag Race

In 2012, Miz Cracker made her debut on season 10 of the American reality competition television series RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Her unparalleled humor and comedy amongst the contestants were one of the major reasons that kept audiences coming back to the show. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take the trophy home and stood the fifth position.

In 2020, fans all over were excited as the rumor floated around that Miz was soon returning to the show’s franchise.

Also, Miz’s drag mother Bob was the winner of the 8th season of the show.

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Net Worth, Height & Weight, Social Media

Miz Cracker was reported to earn more than $3000 per annum from her own-titled YouTube channel.

As of 2020, Miz Cracker’s youtube channel had over 200K subscribers and her Instagram @miz_cracker had stunning 1M followers. On both of her channels, she seemed to be reviewing drag materials and sharing comedic videos.

Miz also owns an online store at offering various pins, shirts, and other materials to her fans.

Making appearance her top priority, Miz maintained her weight at about 58 kgs (125.66 lbs) and stood proud at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.6 meters).

After evaluation of her overall earning and social media’s sponsorships, Miz Crackers’ net worth can be estimated to be just over $100,000.

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Is Miz Cracker Married? Boyfriend, Dating

Miz Cracker

In 2015, Miz Cracker obscurely tweeted about her boyfriend being married.

“Uh, did you guys know that Bob & Cracker actually dated?”

Trannika Rex surprised the audience in RPDR S10 Premiere with the news of her boyfriend. In response, Adore Delano cheeky added the Bob was like Miz’s ‘drag daddy’ rather than her drag mother.

There might be a long list of Miz’s boyfriends. For all we know, we might have to wait for another one of her friends to drop the news.

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