Jason Genao was most recognized for his roles in Netflix’s original series “The Get Down” in 2016.

His role of Napolean in the 2016 series, gained him tons of die-hard fans and propelled his popularity to a new height.

Soon one after another, Jason started getting projects and called up to sign movie deals. In just a few years after making his debut on the big screen, Jason became an acting sensation.

Learn about him in detail and know his age, relationships, and net worth from the article below.

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Is Jason Genao Gay? Partner

Jason Genao’s personal life always circled a lot of speculation. The actor did not speak much about his likes or dislikes which stirred a lot of rumors here and there.

The first and most usual rumor that can start with any celebrity was whether they have or partner and if they did have one of what gender.

Jason was no different and the public was quick to label him as gay as he did not share information related to his dating partner.

However, in reality, he is a straight guy who is just a bit private with his personal life.

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Jason Genao Girlfriend, Dating, Boyfriend Info

Since Jason Genao was very private about his dating life, people started getting keener and keener to know about the actor’s sexual preferences.

At first, they assumed he had a boyfriend and did not want to talk about it in public, but the reality was that he was a normal guy who liked girls.

It was just that he did not want to go overboard with his relationship status or did not find the right girl for him yet. As of 2020, Jason was reportedly single, but that might not be the case in the future ahead.

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Jason Genao Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows

Jason Genao’s career projection started moving upwards when he started acting in the Netflix franchise.

Before that, he made his first big-screen appearance in the comedy film “Ladrones” in 2015. Following the same, he landed a role in an episode titled, Forty-One Witnesses in “Law & Order: Special Victim Unit in 2016.

Despite all that he was just not able to grab people’s attention. However, what he did was catch the eye of producers who saw the potential in him so he got his opportunity in Netflix’s “The Get Down”.


Jason Genao with his co-actors of On My Block in 2018 (Pic: Jason’s Twitter)

From then onwards it was an uphill job for Jason, he landed his second Netflix show “On My Block” in 2018 and went on a roll.

One of his career highlights also came between that period when he played the role of Rictor in the 2017 critically acclaimed superhero film “Logan” starring Huge Jackman as Wolverine.

So considering all that in mind, Jason’s net worth might be around $500 thousand marks which will surely increase in the future.

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Height, Weight, Social Media Reach

Talking about Jason Genao’s physical attributes, his body weight is 62kgs and he stands at a decent height of 5 feet 1 inch.

He inherits the Dominican-American ethnicity with dark brown hair, dark brown eye color, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. Also, the Logan actor boasts a huge fan following of more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 100K followers on Twitter.

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Bio — Siblings, Parents, Age

Jason Genao was born on 3 July 1996 in Jersey City, New Jersey. His parents raised him alongside his two sibling brothers: David & Danny.

As a kid, he attended William L Dickinson High School and developed an interest in acting at the age of nine.

While growing up, Jason watched a lot of movies and tried to copy the dialogues some of his favorite characters said in the movie.

Soon he realized his passion for acting and pursued a career in the same.

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