The blatant alligator hunter, RJ Molinere is regarded as one of the best in the history of hunting.

Molinere came into the limelight with his appearance in the History Channel’s reality series Swamp People.

With a reputation among the young Arm Wrestlers, Molinere flaunts his unparalleled records in Arm Wrestling as a 4-time World Champion, 11-time National Champion, 2 time Arnold Classic Arm Wrestling Champion, and 2 time GNC Champion.

Those strong arms were indeed what made Molinere be able to pin down gators much larger than him.

Stay with us to learn more about RJ Molinere bio, his wife, and the house he dreamed of.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Social Media Reach

RJ Molinere celebrates his birthday on September 21 every year. In Fall 2019, he turned 58 years of age.

Molinere was born and raised in Louisiana, a state in the Deep South region of the USA. It is also where his son Jay Paul Molinere was born.

Leading an adventurous life, Molinere spent most of his life around swamps. He grew up in the swamps battling the gators and stock feeding tanks.

As of early 2020, Molinere had 28K followers on his Twitter account @R.J. Molinere and almost 4k followers on his Instagram account @rmlionere.

Also, their Facebook page @R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere from Swamp People had above 81K followers.

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Is RJ Molinere Native American? Wiki, Family, Ethnicity

RJ Molinere’s family lived the hunting life too. He once recalled that it was his mother who taught him how to track and hunt alligators.

Judging from the skills Molinere’s parents gifted him, it is almost certain that they have lived in Louisiana for years. One cannot develop into a proficient hunter without proper knowledge of the surrounding.

It is safe to say that, yes, RJ Molinere is a native American. Furthermore, he spoke fluent French, thanks to his Cajun ethnicity.

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Net Worth, Salary, House

RJ Molinere’s net worth didn’t come without a price. He almost lost his son, Jay Paul who was training for hunting at the mere age of 10.

Jay Paul sustained a serious injury after getting hit by a jet-ski. His skull was fractured with an 8-inch crevasse and was in foam for three days.

Molinere and his son were working together, earning a handsome salary. Reportedly, Molinere’s salary was estimated to be around $100,000 per annum.

Before 2020, RJ Molinere’s net worth had accumulated over $700,000.


Molinere’s dreamhouse Source: RJ Molinere’s Instagram

Fans were wowed as Molinere uploaded a picture of a house on his Instagram. But sadly, it was reported that wasn’t his house and he lived a simple life.

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Convicted for Assault, Height, Hair

It was 2013 when RJ Molinere along with his son Jay Paul got into road rage at a gas station where they assaulted a 24-year-old man.

Allegedly, the father and son attacked the person with a beer bottle. They were charged with battery and released on $1,000 bail.

RJ Molinere stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175.26 cm).

In response to the Boys with Braids, Turtle Island hair movement, Molinere expressed his gratitude for stating the teachings of why boys, men, and elders make their hair into braids.

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RJ Molinere Wife, Married, Son

As of 2020, RJ Molinere was still married to his wife, Stacey B. Molinere.

Also, RJ Molinere’s wife, Stacey B. Molinere was working overtime as the coronavirus was pandemic.


RJ Molineres with his wife Stacey B. and son Jay Paul 

Getting a hint of the spotlight, Molinere’s wife was a family nurse practitioner and would help the family to sell their Swamp People merchandise.

By 2020, RJ and his wife were going strong for over 10 years of marriage.

RJ’s son, Jay Paul Molinere isn’t a new name if you are a fan of the Swamp People.

Jay Paul has appeared in the show from a very young age. He had ventured into the adventures with his father and dreamed of becoming a professional boxer someday.

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