Elsy Guevara was tagged of being “ashamed” and accused of hiding her pregnancy by her fans. As the controversy rose like wildfire, she was bound to address, what might turn into a major turmoil.

“To start with, my whole 3-4 months of my pregnancy, it’s been complete hell,” Elsy Guevara revealed her pregnancy and why she chose to hide it in her video titled “THE TRUTH..”

Uploaded on YouTube on 18th Feb 2020, the video went viral on social media and amassed over 2.4 million views within less than a week of publishing.

Explore more about Elsy’s life and the controversy as the article unfolds.

Elsy Guevara Wiki, Parents, Sisters

Elsy Guevara, a name well known for being a fashion sensation, started her career by uploading product reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips and tricks on Instagram and Youtube.

She owned a self-titled account on Youtube and Instagram that had racked almost 380K subscribers and a stunning 1.2 million followers respectively as of early 2020.

She grew up in California amongst her sisters Beatriz, Jennifer, and Patricia Guevara. Pursuing their love for fashion, Elsy along with her three siblings started their first fashion business, OOTDFash.

In 2019, Elsy and her three sisters a wholesale fashion company called Galifornia Wholesale.

The foursome’s parents were supportive of their goals and aided them when their store was burglarized in 2016.

Elsy was also already working for Fashion Nova by the age of 17. She turned 23 on September 21, 2019.

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Elsy Guevara Net Worth, Height, Breast Surgery

Collaborating with a colleague fashionista Alondra Ortiz, Elsy Guevara augmented her reach on the online fashion business. They own a Youtube channel called Alondra & Elsy with over 777K subscribers as of 2020.

Elsy had breast augmentation surgery at My Look — aided by Dr. Arvin Taneja. She proclaimed about the major boost in self-confidence after undergoing breast surgery and encouraged people not to be ashamed of the medical advancements.

With dark brown eyes, Elsy stands alluring at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m).

Considering all her earnings from Youtube and business endavours, Elsy’s net worth can be estimated to be somewhere between $800k-$1.5 million as of 2020.

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Baby Daddy, Boyfriend, Dating


Elsy Guevara with a sonogram circa Feb 2020 (Pic – Elsy Guevara’s IG)

Since the release of the pregnancy reveal video, fans all across the globe were yearning for the name of her boyfriend who became the baby daddy. Elsy Guevara wanted to keep the details about her relationship private and wanted some time to figure things out.

In a Q&A YouTube video uploaded on 28th February 2020, Elsy shared that her baby father’s initials were EG — the same as her’s. The two even agreed to name their child “Baby E.” She also announced her due date as 24th June 2020.

In the very YouTube video, a pregnant-looking Elsy revealed that her baby daddy was related to Alondra’s ex Tre Carter. Additionally, she denied the rumors that she was dating a highschooler.

With the revelation, fans were able to dig through Tre’s IG and discovered his cousin Elijah Gates — Elsy’s boyfriend-turned-baby daddy.

Admittedly, Elsy’s baby father Elijah was super involved in her pregnancy journey from the start.

Elijah Gates Bio, Age, Elsy Guevara, Job, Height, Ethnicity


Elsy Guevara with her boyfriend cum baby father Elijah Gates (PC – YouTube)

Instagramming from the gender reveal party on 29th February 2020, Elsy boasted about knowing what her first child was. She promised to share the info on a follow-up YouTube video.

True to her words, Elsy chronicled the gender reveal celebrations in a 10-minute-long clip. In it, she and husband prospect Elijah was drenched in pink confetti — a clear indication that the duo was welcoming a baby daughter.

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Elsy Guevara Married, Husband

Elsy Guevara finally decided to enter motherhood after a long dilemma. Her family and friends along with her fans were supportive of her decision. They even encouraged her to stay strong against all the online negativity.

When asked upon about dating preference, Elsy confessed that her husband would be the one who would accept her along with all her ambitions.

Elijah Gates seemingly fit the husband requirement set by Elsy to the T. In the YouTube video “MEET MY BABYDADDY” premiered on 25th March 2020, the famed YouTuber predicted that they would get married circa 2022.

Elijah and Elsy met at Tre Carter’s music video shoot. Though they didn’t hit it off immediately, the duo fell for each other over time. Admittedly, it was Elijah who asked Elsy on a date.

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