British Singer Duffy became an international phenomenon after the success of her first two singles “Rockferry” and “Mercy.”

Following the release of her sophomore album “Endlessly,” Duffy went on a musical hiatus. Nine years later, she explained why.

Get to know who raped Duffy by reading along! Also, learn about her dating status now and net worth today.

Bio, Height, Net Worth Today

Duffy was born Aimee Anne Duffy on 23rd June 1984 in Nefyn, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom.

At age 10, Duffy and her siblings — twin sister Kate & big sister Kelly — witnessed their parents John and Joyce Duffy get a divorce.

14-year-old Duffy was placed in a safe house after her step-father Philip’s ex tried to assassinate him. A year later, she ran away from home to stay with her biological dad.

A graduate of Sir Thomas Picton School, Duffy also attended Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor and the University of Chester.

In 2007, Duffy penned a recording deal with A&M Records. The following year, her 7 times platinum-certified debut album “Rockferry” was released.

Duffy’s follow-up offering “Endlessly” was critically panned and failed commercially. February next year, she announced hiatus and hinted at a new album — which never arrived.

At one point in her career, Duffy reportedly flaunted $11.7 million net worth. With a lesser medium of income today, her fortune seemed to be a steady decline.

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Relationship Now: Boyfriend Or Husband?

Singer Duffy’s relationship and dating life somewhat reflected her musical journey. In that, despite signs of promises early on, it led to nowhere.

Between 2001 and 2006, Duffy called Cheshire-native Mark Durston her future husband. During their time together, they lived in Abersoch, Wales.

Searching for an ideal boyfriend and husband prospect, Duffy came across Mike Phillips. The “Patagonia” actress and her now-former Welsh International rugby player beau began their courtship in September 2009. While the fans expected them to get married, the pair called it quits in May 2011.

As of now (April 2020), Duffy wasn’t married.

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Who Raped Singer Duffy?

On 25th February 2020, Singer Duffy dropped a bombshell by claiming that she was raped, drugged, and held captive via an Instagram post. Admittedly, the experience led her to adopt the life of a recluse.

Duffy began,

“You can only imagine the amount of times I thought about writing this. The way I would write it, how I would feel thereafter. Well, not entirely sure why now is the right time, and what it is that feels exciting and liberating for me to talk. I cannot explain it… “

Inspired by the interaction with a kind journalist in Summer 2019, Duffy gathered the courage to speak. She continued,

“The truth is, and please trust me I am ok and safe now, I was raped and drugged and held captive over some days. Of course I survived. The recovery took time. There’s no light way to say it. But I can tell you in the last decade, the thousands and thousands of days I committed to wanting to feel the sunshine in my heart again, the sun does now shine… “

Explaining her absence from the music scene, Duffy wrote,

“You wonder why I did not choose to use my voice to express my pain? I did not want to show the world the sadness in my eyes. I asked myself, how can I sing from the heart if it is broken? And slowly it unbroke… “

Duffy then preceded to thank her fans for their continued support over the years. She then pleaded with everyone to respect her privacy. By her admission, the Grammy-winning musician didn’t want any intrusion to her family.

In her Instagram post, Duffy intentionally refrained from revealing who raped her. She did, however, promise a spoken interview scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

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Who Kidnapped Singer Duffy?

On 5th April 2020, Duffy shared the harrowing story of her kidnapping. Admittedly, her perpetrator drugged the Welsh singer at a restaurant on her birthday and flew her to a foreign country. He then placed her in a hotel room and raped the star for the next two weeks.

While in captivity, Duffy revealed how her kidnapper threatened to kill her. Ultimately, her captor flew the songstress to the UK. However, Duffy’s nightmare didn’t end there. According to her, she couldn’t go to the police because she didn’t remember if had raped her there too.

In the heartbreaking recount of her kidnapping, Duffy opened about the lasting impact of the incident. Following the incident, she wanted to break all contacts and moved to a different country.

According to Duffy, the rape stole one-third of her life. More importantly, it took an immense toll on her relationships. Duffy, however, was no longer ashamed of this chapter of her life. She ended her statement by asking people to seek help and find love.

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