Until 2020, Chuck Pankow was a mere pro dart player. All hell broke loose for him when Mikaela Spielberg revealed him as her fiance.

Read about Chuck’s family background, occupation and the love life with the daughter of Steven Spielberg by looking into his biography!

Who Is Chuck Pankow? Biography, Family, Age

A professional dart player, Chuck Pankow turned 50 years of age in late-August 2019. In The Sun interview, Mikaela Spielberg misquoted his age as 47.

On 30th August every year, Chuck wakes up to celebratory birthday messages and phone calls.

Chuck’s family hailed from Chicago, Illinois. As of Feb 2020, he called Nashville, Tennessee his home. An owner of American nationality, he owned Caucasian ethnicity.

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Talking education, Chuck received his high school diploma from an Ocala, Florida-based institution.

Chuck Pankow’s Job, Net Worth, Career

While Mikaela Spielberg was an aspiring adult entertainer, Chuck Pankow earned fame as a champion professional dart player.

Circa 2008, Chuck commenced his career in the American dart scene. Within a year, he won numerous titles such as the Music City Classic (501) and Shoot for the Moon (cricket).

In 2009, Chuck defeated #1 seed, Gary Mawson, in the PDC’s North American Championships. October that year, he nabbed the ADO U.S. Team Nationals.

Chuck’s darting career took a major hit in 2010 after early exits from Winmau World Masters and BDO World Championship Qualifier.

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As a pro dart player, Chuck — nicknamed “The Pacemaker” — garnered sponsorship deals from Monster Barrels Design, L-Style, and Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. His intro music was Country Boy by Alan Jackson.

Chuck’s contribution to the darting world didn’t end there. After earning membership in the Greater Nashville Darting Association, he went on to become its president.

Beyond his darting career, Chuck also held the job of an elephant trainer at the Tennessee-based Nashville Zoo. Circa 1991, he had his first calling as a pro exotic animal trainer and handler.

Placing together all his economic endavours. Chuck reportedly had amassed $800k net worth by 2020. He stood beyond five feet & eight inches in height.

Romance With Mikaela Spielberg


Chuck Pankow and fiancee Mikaela Spielberg (Pic – Page Six)

Even with the strong bond between them, Chuck Pankow’s romance with her Mikaela Spielberg turned heads. At the center of their forbidden love was the 27 years age difference.

Nevermind the public, Mikaela’s parents probably didn’t approve of their age-defying love. Nevertheless, the pair were already engaged by February 2020.

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Chuck supported his romantic partner’s artistic dreams, no matter the public backlash. Mikaela repaid the loyalty by prizing their relationship. She even stated her intentions to perform solo acts on the pornographic content.

Arrested, Jail, Domestic Violence

On the morning of 28th February 2020, Mikaela Spielberg was arrested on an alleged misdemeanor domestic violence charge. The aspiring adult actress reportedly caused Chuck Pankow bodily injury.

Following the arrest, Mikaela was booked into jail and put on a 12-hour hold. While her hearing was set for 9th March, the judge presiding over the case set her bail at $1k.

Talking to Fox News, Chuck claimed the debacle was a misunderstanding. Admittedly, nobody was hurt.

About Mikaela Spielberg

Chuck Pankow’s romantic partner Mikaela Spielberg hit the limelight as the adopted daughter of Oscar-winning director Steven Speilberg and his second wife Kate Capshaw. She came into her parents’ lives as an infant.

Born in the year 1996, Mikaela has six siblings: Max, Sawyer, Jessica, Sasha, Theo, and Destry. She celebrated her B-Day on 28th February every year.

Surprising everyone, Mikaela announced her plans to enter the adult entertainment industry in Feb 2020. When the public criticized her decisions, she sat down with The Sun.

During the interview, Mikaela opened up about her desire to get a dancing license. She also stated that her pornographic content would be subscription-based and not for public consumption.

With her videos, Mikaela hoped to make some people happy.

According to Mikaela, her parents were intrigued by her decision to do erotica. Admittedly, neither appeared upset during their facetime.

A conflicting report by Page Six, however, suggested that mama and papa Spielberg were supportive of Mikaela but felt embarrassed for their other children.

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Mikaela told The Sun she struggled with depression, eating disorder and anxiety as an adult and teen. Bipolar personality disorder also affected her life.

As a child, Mikaela was abused and groomed by predators — who weren’t her family members.

Mikaela later created a OnlyFans account. To see her exclusive R-rated content, interested parties had to fork out $15 every month.

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