“Because of your security guard background, were you able to manipulate our security guard?” Luke Bryan comedically allayed Courtney Timmons, as she came in for an impromptu audition on American Idol season 18.

Courtney was sitting outside the audition with a gloom look on her face as she initially missed the deadline to audition. Luckily, Ryan Seacrest (the host) noticed her and took her inside for the audition.

She waited for seven hours before luck finally smiled at her.

Learn more about Courtney’s private life as we walk you through the article.

Courtney Timmons Wiki, Bio, Family

Courtney Timmons was 22 years old when she first auditioned for American Idol. She is native to Harris Neck, Georgia.

Courtney recalled, her voice echoed in the neighborhood while she was a child. Just by the age of 3, she started singing and would participate in various programs.

Around the age of 12/13, Courtney felt she “had a little something.” She was able to do most of the licks and runs at her will.

“Even though she didn’t win, she still made a big name for herself and doing great things to this day.” Growing up, she idolized American Idol‘s 2004 finalist, Jennifer Hudson, and aspired to be like her.

Born to an Afro-American family, Courtney learned patience and believed good things happen to those who wait. She also worked as a security guard.

Her Instagram account @courtney.timmons had only 1500 followers in early 2020 before she gained the spotlight. She had another account @slaye.dbycourt for appointments and official works.

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Courtney Timmons Height, Net Worth, American Idol Journey

Courtney Timmons started subtle, as she sang Rise Up by Andra Day. The judge sighed in contentment as she slowly brought crescendo to factor when she went for the chorus.

“Sorry, like a parent I’m crying.”

Ryan Seacrest was moved to tears after Courtney Timmons got three yes from all the judges. Katy’s eyes were filled with tears too, as she made her way to give Courtney the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Dumbfounded Courtney stood, as judges mentioned she was the best they’ve seen that day.

However, Courtney’s American Idol journey was cut short after an underwhelming duet with Zack Dobbins during the Hollywood Week.

The clash of two different styles coupled with poor song choice led to Courtney and Zack’s elimination from the singing competition reality TV show.

She stands beautiful at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160.02 cm).

Courtney Timmons accounts for a net worth of about $50 thousand in 2020 as she was just making her way into the industry.

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Dating, Boyfriend, Kids

Courtney Timmons kept her dating life away from the media.

Trying to lay the first ladder to her dreams, Courtney hoped for the audition in American idol. She tried her best to focus on her career and during the process, she had no time for a boyfriend.

In light of her previous relationships, she was rumored to be the mother of two kids.

Courtney is very discreet about her private as it might impinge on the career she was sent upon.

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