Enjoyed watching Unorthodox starring Shira Haas on Netflix?

Then the new Netflix series My Unorthodox Life that dropped on July 14, 2021, is going to be just your show.

In the meantime read about Yosef Hendler, who plays ex-husband of Julia Haart, the centerpiece of the by-the-book reality show.

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Does Yosef Hendler Appear On The Unorthodox Life?

Yosef Hedler does appear on The Unorthodox Life. He still lives in Monsey, shares custody of Julia’s youngest son, Aron.

The ex-spouses married within the community of ultra-Orthodox religious Jews and had four children.

Anyway, the exes are “almost eerily amicable” now. In fact, viewers unfamiliar with ultra-Orthodox life will have no clue that Yosef’s tolerant attitude to their bisexual daughter and his decision to allow their teen son to participate in the series is extremely unusual otherwise.

That been said, Yosef still is not listed on the cast of the series yet.

Yosef Hendler Age listed Yosef Hendler’s age as 55. That, he was born on Jeffery April 20, 1966, and his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Yosef Hendler Parents

Yosef Hendler’s parents are Reggie and Leo Handler. Reggie was 84 years of age and Leo had turned 86 as of 2021. And the folks lived in Boynton Beach city of Palm Beach County, Florida, in the United States.

His Height

Yosef Hendler stands to a height of above 5′ 9″ or 1.75 meters.

His Instagram, Facebook

Until July 15, 2021, Yosef Hendler could not be spotted anywhere on social media. He also did not make appearances on his kids’ Instagram @aron_hendler, @batshevahaart, and @miriamhaart.

Yosef Hendler Job, Net Worth

Unlike his fashion mogul ex-wife, Yosef Hendler has not really opened up about his dad to day affairs and what he does for a living. He is not on social media and even this aspect of his life stayed hidden from the reality TV camera.

So, at the time, one could not really tell what he had accumulated so far as his net worth.

His famous wife, meanwhile, is a shoe designer, who also eventually became a CEO and co-owner of the modeling agency Elite World Group and the creative director of the company’s first fashion collection, e1972.

After leaving the community in 2013, Julia founded her shoe company, Julia Haart. In 2016, she joined La Perla as Creative Director to become the CEO and CCO of Elite World Group in 2019.

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Yosef Hendler And Julia Haart: Divorce, Kids

Yosef Hendler, a total stranger to Julia Haart, married her when she was only 19. Yossef was five years her senior and attended Yeshiva University at the time.

The two stayed married for 23 years before the divorce happened.

While some of The Unorthodox Life is about Julia’s fashion-industry career, much of it is about her and Yosef’s children.

The two older kids, Batsheva and Shlomo, were young adults when she left home.

Daughter Batsheva is a “lifestyle blogger” who works at helping models perfect their Instagram accounts. She is married to Ben Weinstein, a real estate agent who is frustrated with his job and wishes he had gotten a better education in yeshiva.

Shlomo, meanwhile, is a lawyer who still bides by the rules of Shabbat and is just starting in the dating world.

The younger daughter, Miriam, is an app designer and who is also outspoken about being bisexual, with of course her free-spirited mother’s encouragement.

Then, there is Aron who is studying in a co-ed school. (Julia was concerned that her son has been “brainwashed” when he says he does not want to talk to girls.)

So, basically, Yosef and Julia’s brood inhabits around Tribeca, the Hamptons, and Paris (where they rent a chateau).

Who Is Yosef Hendler’s Fiancee Aliza Schulhof?

Yosef Hendler is engaged to Aliza Schulhof who he met around 2020. The couple instantly sparked a connection and got engaged around March 2021.

Yosef’s daughter Batsheva had announced it on her TikTok writing, “Moms remarried and dad just got engaged. I am happy that they are happy 😊 #divorcedparents #myparents #divorcedparentscheck.”

Like Yosef, Aliza is divorced and with children of her own. She also has a good relationship with her former husband while co-parenting.

So basically, her’s and Yosef’s are a blended family.

In the meantime, the two also have started talking about getting married soon.

Then, we learned, Julia was also very supportive of Yosef and his romantic involvement with Aliza.

Realizing their children were freaking out concerning how quickly their father was moving on, Julia also had invited Yosef and Aliza for a family dinner to make believe her kids that there was no reason to worry.

Aliza, also known as Lisa, is into Social and Corporate Event Planning. As of 2021, she was the owner/event planner at Perfect Plans by Lisa.

She is on Instagram @perfectplansbylisa where she had 5,900 followers and shared beautiful glimpses from her event planning jobs.

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