The news of the month (July 2021) was that Ellie Monahan married Mark Dobrosky in a 4th of July wedding. And according to People Magazine, it was a ceremony with “delicious food, unforgettable music, and heartfelt speeches from family members” and “…too many special moments to count…”.

And thus today, we have this Mark Dobrosky wiki dedicated to the groom. Find out who is the man Ellie Monahan decided to spend her life with. What is his job? Who are his family members? And many more interesting facts.

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Mark Dobrosky Age

We have found out that Mark Dobrosky was born on 30 November 1988. That meant he was 32 years of age, as of the publication of this piece, i.e. 17 July 2021. In fact, he celebrated his 32nd birthday during the COVID pandemic in November 2020.

Also, his zodiac sign was Sagittarius.

Mark Dobrosky Parents, Siblings

Mark Dobrosky was born to parents Mary Loretta Dobrosky and Dennis D Dobrosky of Mountain Lake, New Jersey. He was born and raised in his hometown of Mountain Lake, New Jersey. His mother, Mary is a medical professional and worked in Morristown Medical Center. We do not know much about his father.

Mark has two siblings, a brother called Dave Dobrosky and a sister called Christine. All the Dobrosky siblings were very good athletes. All three of them played Lacrosse. And also all three siblings went to reputed American universities for their education.

Christine, who was the eldest, started the lineage by going to Princeton and playing for Princeton’s Women’s Lacrosse team. Dave then continued the tradition by playing for Harvard Men’s Lacrosse team. And eventually, Mark, who was the youngest, went to Yale and played for Yale’s Lacrosse team.

Apart from his parents and siblings, we know a little about Mark’s grandparents as well. His paternal grandparents were Albert John Dobrosky and Dolores Dobrosky (nee Baron). Both of his grandparents were deceased. His grandfather died on 30 July 2020, at the age of 92, and his grandmother Dolores died in 1990.

His Height

Mark Dobrosky is a tall guy and stands at a height of 5 ft 11 inches. Also, he weighed about 180 lbs (81 kgs) some years back. Also, Mark has brown hair and blue eyes and looked especially dapper in a blue tuxedo (see the wedding photo below).

His Instagram, Facebook

Mark Dobrosky is not that big on social media. In fact, as of 2021, he was almost non-existent outside of the close circle of friends and family. We could only find Mark on Twitter and Facebook. He does not seem to be present on Instagram.

On his Twitter @Dobro_Mark, he had only 4 followers. He had 1210 friends on Facebook and those 1210 people were apparently the limit of his social media interaction.

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Mark Dobrosky Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

When it came to how he does to make his living, Mark Dobrosky is the vice-president of Credit Sales & Trading at Imperial Capital, LLC. He started to work for Imperial Captial, LLC in April 2013 when he got the job of high yield trading. In October 2014, he was promoted and moved to London to oversee European Credit Trading for the company.

In January 2017, Mark eventually moved back to the US and took over the job of VP of Credit, Sales & Trading at the LA branch of the company. He has remained in that position for over 4 and a half years now.

Before joining Imperial Capital, LLC, Mark had worked as an intern for the company while he was still in college. After college, he worked for about a year for Gleacher & Company as a Fixed Income Analyst before joining Imperial Capital for good.

And before all that, he had interned for Atlantic Health and Enterprise Fleet Management.

We already mentioned that for his college education, Mark went to Yale Univesity, where he played Lacrosse and studied Psychology. He graduated with a BA degree in psychology in 2012. He was a graduate of Mountain Lake High School in his hometown.

Mark Dobrosky Net Worth

Mark Dobrosky is a high-profile corporate professional and already had almost 9 years of experience in the business world. As of 2021, he had earned a net worth of about $750 thousand.

Ellie Monahan And Mark Dobrosky: Engaged, Wedding

Although we do not have quotable sources for this, Ellie and Mark probably met at Yale University. Both of them attended Yale University for their undergraduate education. Mark was the batch of 2012 and Ellie of 2013.

If you do not know Ellie, she is the daughter of famous news anchor and journalist Katie Couric and her first husband John Paul Monahan, who died in 1998 due to colon cancer. Ellie had started her own career in Television, just like her mother. However, unlike her mother, Ellie had not gone to journalism but to write and filmmaking. She had worked as a writer’s assistant for famous TV shows like Mr. Robot, The Boys, etc.

We do not know when Ellie and Mark started dating or when they started to get really serious. We only know that they got engaged in 2019. In fact, it was Ellie’s mother, Katie, who announced her daughter’s engagement on 10 February 2019.

Apparently, Mark asked for Katie’s permission to marry her daughter before asking Ellie. Katie permitted him and then Ellie said yes and they were engaged. Mark and Ellie had a long engagement.


Ellie Monahan and her husband Mark Dobrosky during their wedding circa 4th of July, 2021 (PC:

They eventually got married on 4 July 2021 at Cedar Lakes Estate in Port Jervis, New York.

It was a very beautiful ceremony in which the bride walked the aisle on her own, the groom wore a fine teal tuxedo. There was dancing and singing and a fine summer day in New Jersey.

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