David Angulo is the husband of Lynette Romero, the award-winning journalist.

Lynette is most famous for her work with KTLA News, as a news anchor as well as an assignment reporter. Over the years, she has won multiple journalism awards like two Golden Mike Awards from the Southern California Radio and TV News Association, multiple local Emmys, etc.

Her husband, David, on the other hand, was the exact opposite of a journalist. He was a restaurant franchise operator. And, according to The Orange County Register, he has plans “to serve beer and wine including local brews such as Newport Beach-brewed Chihuahua.”

A fine pairing, one might say. Today, we are going to dedicate this David Angulo wiki to this fine pairing. Find out everything you need to know about Lynette’s husband, including his age, job, height, etc.

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David Angulo Age

We could not find David’s exact age. However, his wife Lynette was born on 2 February 1967, making her 54 years of age, by the time of the publication of his article, i.

e. 18 July 2021.

From that, we can also say that David Angulo also must be around that age, probably in his 50s.

David Angulo Family

There was not any information about David Angulo’s family and his early life. However, we do know a little about his family-by-extension, i.e. about his in-laws. His wife Loretta was born to parents Andelecio “Andy” Romero and Viola Lydia Romero (nee Nuanez).

Lynette’s father passed away in 1990 and was a frequent feature of Lynette’s social media posts. And according to those posts, Lynette still loves him and misses him.

His Height

Coming to his physical features, David Angulo is a guy of average height and stands at 5 ft 11 inches (i.e. 1.77 meters). And he weighs about 86 kgs (189 lbs).

Furthermore, he has dark hair and brown eyes.

And while we are on the topic of physical features, David’s wife, Lynette went through a significant weight loss in 2019. And fans were obviously impressed with her.

His Instagram, Facebook

David was almost absent in social media as of 2021. He was on Twitter as @DavidAngulo711 but had only 6 followers. And we could not even find him on Facebook or Instagram.

On the other hand, his wife Lynette was a favorite journalist on social media. She was present on all three major social media platforms and had a significant following on each of them. On her Twitter account @LynetteRomer, she had over 44.6k followers. Similarly, on her Facebook page named Lynette Romero, he had over 72k followers. She was the largest on Instagram. Her blue-tick Instagram account @lynetteromero had 73.8k followers.

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David Angulo Job

This we have already mentioned, David Angulo is not like his wife in that he is not in show business and he doesn’t wish to be famous. He is an entrepreneur and a franchisee of Jimboy’s Taco, i.e. he operates the branches of Jimboy’s Taco.

Before joining Jimboy’s Taco, David had spent 25 years at Taco Bell, operated 43 units. Recently, David and his wife opened a new branch of Jimboy’s Taco in Brea, Orange County, California.

And before opening The Brea branch, they had opened another branch at 5th & PCH Shopping Plaza (120 5th Street), Huntington Beach, Orange County, California. The opening was a huge success. Lynette Romero had mentioned that the opening of the Huntington Beach branch was a “really big day” for her family.

And they were set to open another branch in Irvine, California. About the Irvine opening, David had mentioned in an interview, “With the Irvine opening also on the immediate horizon, we are excited to be growing with the Jimboy’s Tacos brand and making the concept more accessible to those throughout Southern California.”

We do not know the exact net worth of David Angulo. We, however, know his wife’s net worth. By July 2021, Lynette Romero had a net worth of over $1.5 million.

David Angulo And Lynette Romero: Wedding, Kids

David Angulo and Lynette Romero have been married for over 18 years as of 2021. In fact, they celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary only a few days before (i.e. on 11 July 2021). They married on 11 July 2003 at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens. Their wedding, which had over 3000 red roses for decoration, was documented in photos by Moss Sparks Photography.

However, David and Lynette have been together way before that. In fact, they had been dating for over 10 years before they got married. Apparently, they met in 1994 at the University of Guadalajara. After the university was over, David and Lynette remained in a long-distance relationship because David was living in LA and Lynette was in Denver. They eventually got together for good.

In their 18 years of marriage and 28 years of love, David and Lynette had had only one kid, a daughter called Olivia Angulo. Olivia was born on 3 August 2004, and as of July 2021, was 16 years of age.

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