Kathy (Hartsell) Jacobs‘s career has taken off since becoming the oldest woman to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2020.

Currently, as Kathy, “Older than some of the model’s moms”, reached Miami Swim Runway for SI Swim 2021, fans have been prying about her life with husband Rob Jacobs.

So, the writing below is ‘Rob Jacobs Wiki’ covering all you need to know.

Rob Jacobs Age

Rob Jacobs was born on 3 May 1965. So, he reached the age of 56 in 2021. And this makes him a year younger than his wife Kathy who turned 57 in Jan. 2021.

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His Family, Hometown

Rob Jacobs loves sharing the memories of his parents on social media.

His mom, Marcia G. Jacobs (Glaser), passed away on March 1st, 2019 at the age of 80. His dad, Kenneth Jacobs, is also no longer alive.

Rob grew up alongside his two siblings Michelle Schumer and Marty Jacobs in their hometown of Deerfield of Chicago in Lake County, in Illinois.

Sister Michelle Jacobs Schumer worked at Kildeer Countryside School and studied at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Rob Jacobs Height

Rob Jacobs stands to a height of 5’7” which towers over his wife’s 5′ 3″. At this height, Kathy actually is the shortest model on the roster. The gray-haired beauty has noted “You are not too old or short. Oldest/Shortest Sports Illustrated Rookie Ever” with bold letters on her IG’s bio.

Often spotted saying the likes of “I hope I inspire all kinds of people that you’re never too old or too short or too anything to go for it” she hopes to set new standards in the industry.

His Instagram, Facebook

Until 12 July 2021, Rob Jacobs could be spotted on his ‘Rob Jacobs’ Facebook bio of which read “Puglie Pug art exhibit….epic!!!.”

Meanwhile, Rob’s Instagram @milaandpugfriends no longer seemed to exist.

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Rob Jacobs Job

Rob Jacobs is a mixer at Universal (Pictures) Studios in Calabasas, California.

Because the famed Universal Studios claims their ‘feature mixers are BAFTA, Oscar and CAS nominees and winners and their TV mixers are Emmy, CAS, and MPSE award nominees and winners’, Rob is likely to be among the mentioned highly skilled and creative talent of the company.

From what reported the average salary of a mixer based in some parts of the United States is $61466 (as of June 2021). The salary basically ranges between $52155 and $72356.

This way, Rob had secured more than an estimated $600K net worth before June 2021.

Further, the only thing one could tell about his educational background is he went to Deerfield High School.

Rob And Kathy Jacobs: Married, Kids

Every year the 20th of May marks Rob and Kathy Jacob’s marriage anniversary.

So, the otherwise very secretive couple appeared on IG on 20th May 2019 in a glimpse from their 23rd-anniversary celebration.

Other times, they mostly kept their personal memories to themselves. Even Kathy limited her IG @ageisbeauty sharing to her modeling stints. (The actress/model had 124K followers on the account.)

Rob and Kathy’s family included their daughter Abigail Rose Jacobs. She was born in 2003 and before 2020, she was sent off to medical school in New York.

Before Abigail went away for studies, the family of three seemed to have made many happy memories at their home in Los Angeles County City of Calabasas.

On 26 February 2021, Kathy took to her Instagram to share a throwback to her “baby girl’s” graduating high school. “Hard to believe she is an adult in Med school now!!❤️”, the matriarch had captioned this captured shot from the day.


Rob Jacobs and Kathy Jacobs as seen on their daughter Abigail Rose’s high school graduation (PIC: Kathy’s IG)

Abigail’s Facebook reveals she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. Also that she worked at Tumble With Ray, went to Calabasas High School, and currently (2021) based in Los Angeles, California.

She was also active on her IG @abigailrosej. On the private account, she had 629 followers. So far, she had shared 205 posts.

About Rob’s wife Kathy — she has starred in numerous advertising campaigns and a Miley Cyrus video. This apart, she was also working on a skincare line. For more than eight years, she had been mixing skincare and formulating her own creations.

Kathy made a Tsunami cake for the New Year’s Eve cake because she felt 2020 was no less than a storm. Maybe she was referring to the COVID pandemic that took lives far too soon history in 2020 or her making history on the Sports Illustrated’s famous Swim issue.

Lately, amid the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit party for Miami Swim Week at Baia Beach Club, feeling right at home with the other girls in the issue much younger than her she shared with PEOPLE:

“I have a 24-year-old daughter, and a lot of the girls are actually younger than my daughter, so I’m so used to being around girls that age. I feel a connection there.”

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