Ondreaz Lopez joined Tik Tok in March 2019. In over a year, he was able to accumulate 16 million followers and 707 million likes on the said social media platform.

Jump to Ondreaz’s family details, dating status, and net worth by studying his biography which is stylized in Wikipedia format.

How Old Is Ondreaz Lopez? Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

On 4th April 2020, Ondreaz Lopez turned 23 years of age. A native of Colorado, the celebrated Tik Tok star owns American nationality. Via his family background, he embraces Hispanic ethnicity to a degree.

Ondreaz credits biological parents for grooming his immaculate musical taste. Sadly, his mother and father had parted ways a long time ago.

Born as the middle child of country girl mom and dancer dad, Ondreaz is siblings with younger brother Tony Lopez and elder brother Xavier Lopez.

Together with Tony, Ondreaz forms the Tik Tok duo “The Lopez Brothers.” As of April 2020, the younger Lopez owned 3.8 million Instagram followers.

Born in the year 1997, Ondreaz Lopez owns Aries as a birth sign. Despite being a Colorado native, he also considers Nevada his hometown.

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Ondreaz Lopez Height, Tattoos, Net Worth Info

Blessed with five feet & nine inches (169 cm) height, Ondreaz Lopez possesses a clean-cut look. As of June 2020, he didn’t seem to own tattoos. (

Beyond Tik Tok fame, Ondreaz garners a strong social media presence. On Instagram alone, over 3.8 million fans followed him (June 2020).

Transcending Tik Tok, Ondreaz & brother Tony Lopez collaborated with Charli D’Amelio. The Lopez siblings also hosted a dance workshop in Las Vegas in July 2019.

In 2019, Ondreaz stood next to TV icon Steve Harvey on Showtime at the Apollo. Later that year, he and Tony joined the social media collective “The Hype House.”

Accommodated by Tik Tok sensation Chase Hudson at an LA estate, “The Hype House” consisted of 21 influencers. While Charli D’Amelio was the youngest in the crew, Ondreaz was the oldest.

Ondreaz and fellow “The Hype House” members signed with the talent agency WME in January 2020.

Circa February 2020 when Tony’s nudes were released, Ondreaz and the “The Hype House” showcased support all over social media.

Endorsements combined with dance gigs contribute heavily to Ondreaz’s $500 thousand and growing net worth.

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Is Ondreaz Lopez Gay? Girlfriend, Dating

Cutting to the chase — Ondreaz Lopez isn’t gay. The Tik Tok star’s dating history clearly states his sexual preferences and gender identity.


Ondreaz Lopez with girlfriend Lana circa 2015 (Pic – Ondreaz Lopez’s Twitter)

Ondreaz’s first-ever romance was with a girl named Lana. Per, he and his once-reported girlfriend Lana allegedly commenced dating in early-2006.

During the initial phase of their relationship, Ondreaz and then-girlfriend Lana communicated via texts and video calls. Upon meeting one another in person, the lovebirds grew more affectionate.

Like every puppy love, Ondreaz & Lana weren’t a good fit. As a result, the couple placed an end to their once-blossoming romance.

Following the split from Lana, Ondreaz maintained singlehood for a long time. In July 2019, he insisted on being available for dating via a tweet.

Fast forward to early 2020, Ondreaz still hadn’t outed any female as a girlfriend prospect.

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Sexual Assult Allegation

On 21st June 2020, a Twitter user named Al alleged Ondreaz Lopez sexually assaulted them in his Las Vegas, Nevada home. Per Al, the incident transpired in 2018. At the time, Ondreaz was 21 while Al was 16 — a year less than the age of consent in Nevada.

Al accused Ondreaz of forcing them into touching his genitals. They also accused the TikTok star of misgendering them. Additionally, they shared that they didn’t lodge a police complaint because they believed the authorities wouldn’t take them seriously.

Responding to the sexual allegation claims made by Al, Ondreaz noted there wasn’t any aggression on his part.

Also in his response, Ondreaz claimed he was sexually assaulted twice — once by a male friend of his older brother and the other time by a family member who was still in his life.

Ondreaz then concluded his statement by apologizing to Al for the way they felt. He also insisted it was never his intention to hurt them.

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