Amir Bageria is a young up-and-coming Canadian actor who is famous for his roles in TV series like the Degrassi: Next Class and the most-recent Grand Army.

Read the article about the actor who could soon become the next great thing if his career kept following the current trajectory.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Amir Bageria was born on 25 October 2000, which meant he was 19 years of age as of October 2020.

With his birthday on 25 October, Amir’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.

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Amir Bageria Wiki — Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Amir was born as Amir Rathaur Bageria to parents of South Asian ethnicity in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Talking about his parents, his mother’s name is Parmjit Rathaur and she is a psychotherapist.

The name of his father was unknown. Although it was not known which parts of South Asia Amir’s parents’ origins were, they belonged to the Sikh religion.

There was one known sibling of Amir, a brother called Kabir. Kabir worked on a cruise ship. In one of the interviews, Amir said that his brother was gay. And although his parents were religious people, they accepted their son’s sexuality quite easily. It was not certain if it was Kabir was the gay one or there was another sibling in the family.

Amir was an enthusiastic hockey player since the age of 4. He was a great fan of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Washington Capitals. Amir’s hockey hero was a Russian player called Alexander Ovechkin, who used to play for Washington Capitals in NHL.

Amir Bageria Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Amir Bageria was a tall guy standing at a height of 5 ft 9 inches, i.e. 175 centimeters. And he weighed about 86 kgs.

Like with most people of South Asian ethnicity, Amir was brown-complexioned, brown-eyed, and black-haired. His distinct feature, however, was his long hair and well-toned body.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

After a thorough search of various social media platforms, this could say with certainty that Amir was not keen to be present in social media. His presence was very limited.

He was absent from the big bloated social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. He was present on Facebook but there too his presence was minimal. His timeline was quite sparse with the last post from 2018.

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Amir Bageria Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Amir Bageria started his acting career from an early age. At a young age, he had started to act in the local productions of stage plays. The first of such local productions was a family-friendly adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth when Amir was in the third grade.

Amir also got his breakout role early in his life. When he was just 14 years of age, he landed the role of Baaz Nahir in the famous Canadian teen drama Degrassi: Next Class. In the TV show, Baaz was a methodical and smart high school senior.

Continuing on a similar teen show, Amir joined the cast of Netflix‘s teen drama Grand Army. In that TV show, Amir played the character of Siddhartha Pakam, a closeted gay teenager of South Asian ethnicity who has his eyes on Harvard. Amir consulted with his gay brother for the role. Grand Army was released by Netflix on 16 October 2020.

As of October 2020, Amir had no acting credits in movies. However, that was not really a problem for Amir was only 19 years of age (almost 20) and the opportunities might come in the future.

The exact numbers of Amir net worth were not known but according to various sources, Netflix paid $400 thousand to young actors like Amir. But Amir also had a few seasons of Degrassi: Next Class under his belt. An educated guess would be that Amir Bageria’s net worth was around half a million dollars.

Amir Bageria Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

There was no information about Amir Bageria’s dating life in the media, as of 2020. There were some rumors that he was gay, but they were only rumors. Amir had played a gay character but he was not one himself.

Furthermore, there did not seem any girlfriends within the picture, either. It was possible that Amir was dating a girlfriend in private but was not keen on revealing her.

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  1. […] Read Also – Amir Bageria Wiki: Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Height, Net Worth […]

  2. […] Read Also – Amir Bageria Wiki: Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Height, Net Worth […]

  3. […] Read Also – Amir Bageria Wiki: Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Height, Net Worth […]

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