Ahead of the release of Married At First Sight Season 13 on July 21, 2021, here’s a Wiki writing about Meet Myrla, one of its contestants.

Myra was matched together with Gil by relationship experts on the series. For the in-depth exploration of the matchmaking process, you may have to wait until 21 July 2021.

In the meantime, here’s Myrla Feria Wiki.

Myrla Feria Age

Born supposedly a Gemini, energized by the world around her, Myrla Feria reached the age of 35 in 2021; her birthdate being: June 10, 1986.

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Myrla Feria Parents, Siblings

Myrla Feria grew up in South Texas, in the United States with humble roots.

Her mother Bertha Feria lived in Roma-Los Saenz, Texas, at the time of this writing. She turned 50 in Jan. 2021 and remained somewhat a mystery.

For siblings, she has a younger sister named Gloria Feria who lived in McAllen, Texas and turned 33 in Aug. 2020.

Also, Myrla was in some way related as a family to people with the names Marilynn Feria and Juan Feria. How?, Myrla is yet to open up.

In fact, at the time, Myrla even did not mention if her parents are together.

Her Height

Myrla Feria stands to a height of 5’6” or 1.68 meters.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Until June 25, 2021, Myrla Feria had 283 followers on her private Instagram @myrla.feria.

Meanwhile, Myrla joined Twitter @FeriaMyrla only in March 2021 and only four people were following her at the time.

The reality TV star was also on Pinterest @myrlaferia and owned a self-titled YouTube channel.

Myrla Feria Job

Myrla Feria is introduced on Married At First Sight as a leadership coach. While her LinkedIn precisely mentioned her as a teacher at IDEA Public Schools in McAllen, Texas.

Myrla has been enjoying what she does since Aug. 2010.

So, back in 2015, Myrla had an annual salary of $70,000, according to public records, working as an assistant principal in Idea Public Schools. At that point, this salary was 91 percent higher than average and 72 percent higher than the median salary in Idea Public Schools.

Anyway, over the course, as she mastered skills such as leadership, customer relationship management, public speaking, curriculum design, data analysis, project management, among others, she also managed almost an estimated $600K net worth.

About her educational background — she received her Magna Cum Laude graduation in MPA from the University of Texas-Pan American in 2011. Also from 2004 – 2008, she studied BIS in Bilingual-Early Childhood Education from the same university.

Myrla Feria And Gil Cuera: Married At First Sight, Still Together?

PEOPLE explained because Myrla Feria is a leadership coach she is aware of the importance of partnering with experts. So, she decided to find a partner in a never before tried way.

Myrla shared, with Married At First Sight, she wholeheartedly believes the team will find her a perfect match. This means she is more than confident about Gil Cuera being her partner.

Gil too, born and raised in Colombia, went on the show looking to accomplish the American dream, a wife, kids, pets, and a white picket fence. He is a hopeless romantic and ready to find his match to “shower her with love and provide a happy, secure life.”

Gil is a year older than his partnered beau on the MAFS.

As per the show’s premise, you will see Myrla and Gil, two strangers, go from nuptials to honeymoon to moving in together. Then, they will have to decide between happily ever after and divorce.

Myrla and Gil join four more couples matched together by relationship experts. They are Ryan, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Bao and Johnny (the Lifetime show’s first-ever Asian-American couple).

This season of MAFS had already started to be shot and the couples had already been chosen before April 2021. So by now, the couples who decided to part at the end of the show must have done it already. But, of course, because the couples are paid to keep their mouth shut, one could not tell if Myrla and Gil are still together.

Over the last twelve completed seasons of Married At First Sight, 44 couples have been matched. Of which, twenty-seven pairs (61%) chose to stay married on Decision Day. Before May 2021, almost half of them were divorced and 15 couples were still married. Based on these facts, it’s been drawn that the success rate of MAFS so far is 34%. Will Myrla and Gil’s marriage will add to the MAFS’s success history?

Stay tuned to find out.

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