Marth Hancock was best known as the wife of Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health & Social Care and MP for West Suffolk. She started to trend on social media after her husband was caught kissing an aide which was published in the newspaper.

Martha Hancock, who was most of the time private, left her London home with oversized sunglasses before a bank of flashing cameras. But, the devastation she felt was clear on her face.

Learn more about Matt Hancock’s wife with this Martha Hancock Wiki.

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Martha Hancock Age

As reported by Telegraph, Marth Hancock was 44 years old as of June 2021. Owing to her private nature for the protection of her family, she keeps her mouth shut regarding details of her life. This is why we don’t hold much information on her birthday and zodiac sign.

What Is Martha Hancock Maiden Name?

Martha Hancock was born Martha Hoyer Millar. So, her maiden name is Millar.

Martha Hancock Family: Parents, Sister

Martha Hancock was born to parents: her father Alastair Hoyer Millar and her mother Virginia Hoyer Millar. As of 2021, her Old Estonian father, who is now 84, was secretary of The Pilgrim Trust between 1980 to 1996. The organization supplied grants to preserve historically significant buildings or artifacts.

In the same context, her now 70-year-old mother was an antique dealer by trade. Virginia also co-founded North West Eight Antiques.

Born Martha Hoyer Millar, Martha enjoyed a privileged upbringing, descended from a baron and a viscount. So, it probably wouldn’t be an assumption to share that she lived a privileged life growing up.

More about her family: Martha is a granddaughter of Frederick Mallar who was 1st Baron Inchyra, a British diplomat who served as an ambassador to West Germany from 1955 to 1956. Moreover, her great-granddaughter of the 1st Viscount Camrose, a Welsh newspaper publisher.

Talking about siblings, Martha Hancock has a brother named Chris Hoyer Millar who was a journalist. Later, Chris trained to become a lawyer and worked in the commercial dispute resolution team for Penningtons Manches Cooper.

However, we don’t have any details regarding Martha’s anonymous sister.

Her Height

Martha stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). She has chocolate-colored hair and puts on pair of glasses for better vision. With her slim physique, she weighed not more than 55 kilograms (121 lbs).

Her Instagram, Facebook

As already established, Martha Hancock is a very private individual. She doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms widely used all over the world. This included Instagram and Twitter. However, she has a Facebook account.

But, as for her husband, Matt Hancock has a verified Instagram account with 81.2k followers as of 25 June 2021. Moreover, he is also on Twitter with 431.9k followers with a verified account. Furthermore, he is also on Facebook where he has a personal account and a page.

He updates his account on a regular basis where but kept his profile private. Whereas, his page garnered, 38,611 followers.

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Martha Hancock Net Worth

Marth Hancock came from a family with an abundance of wealth so, she might inherit at least $1 million from her family’s net worth. Whereas, she also runs her own osteopath clinic in Notting Hill, West London where she makes a decent salary.

In relation to information on Martha Hancock’s job, she is an Osteopath. So, some might wonder what’s an Osteopath? A simple definition would be a doctor or Osteopathic medicine who is a licensed physician who aimed to improve people’s overall health and wellness by treating the whole person, not only just a condition or disease they have.

So, regarding the necessary qualifications, aspiring osteopaths must take a rigorous national licensure exam. But, before that, he must earn a bachelor’s degree which must be followed by four years of medical school.

Then comes residency that could last from 1 to 7 years in total. In addition to that, a total of 200 hours of coursework that focused on the body’s musculoskeletal framework should be completed.

So, Martha has definitely done a lot of work to earn her license. As for the earning, an average Osteopath makes around £40,109 per year as a salary, based on the data of

Besides osteopathic work, she used her Facebook page to fight for animal rights, encouraging friends to sign petitions calling for a ban on pig cages, chicken factory farms, and the sale of eggs from caged hens.

Martha And Matt Hancock: Wedding, Kids

Martha Hancock allegedly met her future husband, Matt Hancock while they were both students at the University of Oxford in the early 2000s. Since both suffered from dyslexia, it helped both of them to bond better.


Martha Hancock attending NME Award in 2018 with her husband Matt (Pic: The Sun)

The couple became husband and wife after their wedding in 2006 and have three children, a daughter who is 14, and two sons aged 13 and 8, as of June 2021. After her commotion that transpired between Marth and Matt, she held her kids even closer to her.

Martha is known to her friends as “sweet and lovely.” For her, the family holds the highest importance and priority. So she would be horrified about the effect it would have on her children.

The family split their time between a house in north London and Little Thurlow, in West Suffolk, Matt’s constituency.

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