Meet Jose San Miguel Jr. or Jose of “Jose & Rachel” from Lifetime’s hit show Married At First Sight’s season 13’s new face. Tired of dating women with a lack of commitment issues, he joined the show to find someone who agrees with him for a long-lasting relationship.

Delve into this Jose San Miguel Jr. Wiki to learn more about him, his job, his net worth, and his love life.

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Jose San Miguel Jr Age, Birthday

As of June 2021, Jose San Miguel was 35 years old. Jose celebrated his 35th birthday in September of 2020. Furthermore, his birthday falls on 28 September every year.

Moreover, Jose is a Libra by zodiac sign.

Jose San Miguel Jr Parents, Siblings

Jose San Miguel Jr. was born to his father Jose San Miguel Sr. and his mother in his hometown of Pearland, Houston, Texas, the United States. Furthermore, no information surfaced on either of Jose’s parents as of this writing in June of 2021.

Along with that, other family members of Jose along with his siblings remain away from public attention. But, one thing that we know for sure is, he and his siblings are of Hispanic ethnicity.

Some of Jose’s known family members include his cousins: Bianca Garcia and Vanessa Molina.

His Height, Weight

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters), Jose San Miguel Jr.’s bushy facial hair best is his best feature. He is fit and loves working out snaps of which as posted on his Facebook.

Furthermore, Jose is a tattoo enthusiast. He inscribed a few of them on his underarms which could be counted as his distinct features.

His Instagram, Facebook

Jose San Miguel Jr. could only be discovered on Facebook as of June 2021. Besides that, it was impossible to track him on Instagram and Twitter, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t own an account on the platform.

He has been actively posting on Facebook and the recent post on the platform is related to Married At First Sight on 10 June 2021. He kept his Facebook private so we don’t have access to the number of people he was friends with.

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Jose San Miguel Jr Job, Net Worth

Jose San Miguel Jr. must own at least $600 thousand in net worth.

Furthermore, about Jose’s net worth, he doesn’t have any debt (mortgage, student, auto loans, or credit card). He boasted about having an 815 credit score. Furthermore, 35 and two houses working to have a third one, he is financially thriving.

In 2010, Jose graduated from the University of Huston-Downtown.

Based on the Facebook post, Jose San Miguel Jr. worked for the Space Program in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). On 28 September 2020, Jose wrote a post on Facebook,

“So grateful and appreciative to have made it to see 35. Never did I image I would have the opportunity to work for NASA and The Space Program, to achieve financial freedom in becoming DEBT FREE (no mortgage, no student loans, no auto loans or credit card debt), maintain an 815 credit score and to have opportunity to own 2 houses and working on purchasing a 3rd. All the glory to God. I am nothing without him. God is good. Cheers.”

However, Jose never went into details regarding his job descriptions. But, he either works as an engineer or a scientist. According to PayScale, he makes around $80,000 to $90,000 per year.

Looking back at his past, he came a long way in his life. Jose belonged to a middle-class family who managed to provide everything that he needed.

Besides that, Jose is also a reality star making his debut in Lifetime’s Married At First Sight (MAFS). The show was set to premiere on 21 July 2021. Based on the introduction of the casts from the show, he was tied up with Rachel. But, more on that later.

According to Heavy, a cast of MAFS earned $25,000 per season, so he might make around the same sum.

Jose San Miguel Jr And Rachel Gordillo: Married At First Sight, Still Together?

When Jose San Miguel Jr was introduced, he was the guy frustrated with dating and tired of meeting women who never sought anything long-lasting. So, it means he has dated plenty in search of the one with who he can settle.


Jose and Rachel from Lifetime’s Married At First Sight (Pic: People)

So, Jose rested his faith on the experts of Lifetime’s MAFS who were experienced in finding a perfect match for their past contestants. In season 13, the love gurus tied him up with Rachel who went through heartbreaks and was insecure about dating.

But, her last relationship, though it ended, helped her rest faith in love marriage.

So, are Jose and Rachel still together? We don’t have any spoilers or updates on that matter. Plus, like all the other fans, we’re very excited to witness all the drama revolving around their relationship, tune in to the show and check us out for further updates.

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