Married At First Sight Season 13 returned on July 21 in 2021 on Lifetime. Five new couples (Myrla and Gil, Brett and Ryan, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Bao and Johnny) were introduced and matched together this season by relationship experts.

Among these Texas-based individuals appearing on TLC, the writing below is exclusive about Gil Cueara. This Gil Cuera Wiki mostly covers his family background, age, height, and Married At First Sight journey with Myrla Feria.

Gil Cuera Age, Birthday

Gil Cuera, when he came on Married At First Sight in 2021, he had reached the age of 35. Until that time, no one in the media or public could tell when he celebrated his birthday.

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His Family, Nationality

As someone born and raised in Colombia, Gil Cuerawas’s nationality is Colombian.

Unlike his Married At First Sight bride, Gil chose not to reveal about her family as far as he could manage.

Myrla, on Instagram @myrla.feria and on Twitter @FeriaMyrla, often mentioned her mother Bertha Feria, living in Roma-Los Saenz, Texas, and younger sibling Gloria Feria on social media.

Gil Cuera Height

Gil Cuera stands above 5’11”or 1.80 meters in height. Barrel-chested, physically attractive, and with well-developed muscles, Gil is a Black man, sporting a bald look. And to us, he made a very good-looking match with inter-racial Myrla.

His Instagram, Facebook

Until Aug. 6, 2021, Gil Cuera could not be found anywhere on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Gil Cuera Job, Net Worth

Before the world knew about Gil Cuera’s Married At First Sight stint, he had less than an estimated $250K net worth.

Other than starring on TLC’s Married At First Sight, Gil Cuera is a firefighter that lives on a budget.

As per LinkedIn, the average salary for a firefighter, living in Houston, Texas, made on average $49,297 per year.

Gil Cuera And Myrla Feria: Married At First Sight, Still Together?

Aspiring the American dream — of wife, kids, pets, and a white picket fence the hopeless romantic Gil Cuera took himself to MAFS ready to find his match to “shower her with love and provide a happy, secure life.”

Talking about his preferences in a partner, Gil had said he did not want an IG model. Gil said they are beautiful, but that was not something he had an interest in. He shared his main goal was to find someone he could spend his life with.

He was thus matched with Myrla Feria, age 34, who grew up in South Texas with humble roots.

Myrla, who has been vocal about not wanting a bald man for a partner, also eventually warmed up to Gil’s smile and kind eyes.

Professionally, Myrlais a leadership coach who also participated in MAFS wholeheartedly believing that the team on the show will find her a perfect match.

Clearly, the two got married on the show. And from the very start, fans have continued sharing their views on how much they dislike their chemistry. Viewers thought they did not make a good match. Most of them commented Gil could do much better than her.

People watching her did not like Myrla’s certain lifestyle expectations as she refused to downgrade her lifestyle for him. Just like Gil, they worried she is used to international traveling and nice shoes and handbags and that Gil’s pay won’t be sufficient to provide for all of it.

Myrla had shut down Gil’s friends when they tried to talk to her about her need to change her lifestyle now that she was in a marriage.

While the others also supported her because they thought she can pay for it herself — writing “Myrla doesn’t expect Gil Cuera or anyone else to spoil her with the gifts.”

In the meantime, a Reddit conversation discussed the spoiler — if they were still married. A fan who knew one of Gil’s friends/groomsmen asked if the couple was still together. And to this, a mutual friend had confirmed that the couple was not together by Aug. 2021.

More spoilers — Married at First Sight expert spoiler on Instagram @MAFSFan released predictions for Season 13.

Even though there was no prediction for Myrla and Gil on Decision Day, unlike the other pairs on the show, spoilers believed they are no longer still together today.

And Heavy also previously reported that Myrla was already selling her wedding dress online.

But because on 5th August 2021, MAFSFan updated their Instagram story with a new prediction that the other couple Michaela and Zack would decide to stay together on Decision Day, but later divorce at some point; viewers were hopeful that some of the other predictions might end up not being true. And maybe then, even Gil and Myrla can have a chance at their happily ever after.

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