Madison LeCroy has set great standards for the reality show with her skillful job even before being a public figure. How did Madison as a mother of a son succeed to reach high in net worth with a balance of duties? Read more to know!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Madison LeCroy reached the age of 30 on her 2020 birthday. Born in the year 1990, Madison celebrates her birthday on 6th October every year. Her 6th October birthday, hence, signifies her to be Libra by zodiac.

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Madison LeCroy Wiki — Family, Parents, Siblings

Madison was born to parents, Tara and Ted LeCroy in Greenville, South Carolina. They raised her alongside her two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Madison’s social media posts confirm that she had a wonderful childhood with her family of 5. The lady has always been very close to not only her siblings but her parents too. Madison once mentioned that any time she needs answers, and advice, she goes to her father. While regarding her mother, Madison times and again appears with her in the public. Once she took her mother for a makeover and posted a mother-daughter selfie on Instagram. There were 100s of comments calling Madison a twin to her mother. Further, many people got poised of where did Madison get such astonishing looks from.

Madison LeCroy Height, Mouth, Weight Loss

Madison LeCroy stands at a fine height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her weight loss journey inspired many people to a healthy diet.

Madison had a hard time dealing with body fat more than anything else. So, she went for a plant-based detox diet, followed by an intense workout routine. Her weight loss journey would be incomplete if not revealed wherefrom did the lady start and what changes did she find? Madison mentioned that she had started with the detox plan at 128.7 lbs. And measuring it after 4 days, to her surprise she was 125.6. It was a weight loss of more than 3 lbs within 4 good days. Then why not? With this question to herself, Madison went through a long inspirational journey. And today, she is a reality star having a perfect physique with ideal abs.

Besides, Madison is also recognized for her unique facial features. Especially her mouth shape has been a question all over. However, Madison has cleared it out that her “crooked-lip” is what she was born with and not at all a result of plastic surgery or a stroke.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Madison keeps herself quite active in all social media including, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to this, Madison’s follower number in all of them is at a heightening pace. However, among Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it seems like the lady has a soft corner for Instagram. She is more active there and has amassed a huge fan following on the social site. Madison posts her family times as well as her creative individual pictures on her Instagram. Thereafter, until October 2020, the lady had a following of more than 186K.

Madison LeCroy Job, Net Worth, Southern Charm

Madison LeCroy is famous for her appearance in the reality show Southern Charm. She is indeed granted a sum of $25K for her single episode appearance. However, cannot underestimate Madison’s skills as she was already an independent woman before her reality show appearance.

Madison’s arrival in the Bravo Network’s show definitely got her an immense fan following. But she is actually a charm when it comes to her Hair and Makeup skills. She was a professional Hair and Makeup artist before making an appearance on Southern Charm.

Madison went to the Carolina College of Hair Design for her formal education in Hair and Makeup. Knowing one’s passion at a young age and leaving to pursue so, makes Madison apart from most of the youths from today’s generation.

Madison has remained the desired hair and makeup artist in her hometown for a long time now. Due to her goals besides the reality appearance, her beauty industry success makes people look up to her for their dreamy jobs.

With all that Madison LeCroy achieved to this date, her sole net worth of above $1.25 million, doesn’t surprise people much. Most think that the lady deserves even more for how hard-working hard working she is.

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Madison LeCroy Baby Daddy, Son

Madison LeCroy is the mother of a son, Hudson who is over 8 years of age as of 2021. Her reality show appearance raised many questions regarding her Baby Daddy. However, Madison opted to remain tight-lipped on the matter for a long time. Finally, in January 2021, Madison shared her ex-husband, John Hughes was her Baby Daddy. She married John at the age of 20. The couple, however, divorced around 2015. Despite the separation, they shared a cordial relationship and share equal custody of their son. Madison has raised her son as a single mother and her spirit should be a matter of talk, not the Baby Daddy.

Are Madison LeCroy And Austen Kroll Still Together?

Ever since the initial days of her reality show appearance, Madison and her show co-star, Austen Kroll’s relationship has been making buzz. As apparent in the show, the two have been on-again and off-again in their relationship.

Madison agrees that Austen and she messed up many times as a couple. However, their love and care for each other leave them with no option but to be by the other’s side. Whatsoever, with matters not on their side, the couple broke up. They supposedly even remained friends with benefits for a certain while.

Madison and Austen appear together during the reunion of the Southern Charm cast. (Pic- Austen’s Instagram)

But later, during the end days of June 2020, the couple was seen together in a picture that sparked the rumors of them being together again. It was during the reunion of the Southern Charm contestants.

By 2021, Madison’s relationship with Austen was at an all-time low. At the Southern Charm reunion premiered in Feb that year, Austen went on a rant and labeled her a monster. According to him, Madison broke his heart over and over again.

Madison LeCroy Jay Cutler, Drama, Texts

In December 2020, photos emerged of Austen Kroll hanging out with fashion designer/reality star Kristin Cavallari. Soon after, rumors began swirling that Madison LeCroy was dating Kristin’s ex, Jay Cutler.

Madison then appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” in Jan 2021 wherein she claimed she was too busy with her adventure to notice Austen’s romance with Kristin. Per fans, Madison then made fun of Austen and Kristin’s dance moves. She also suggested Jay was happy following his split from Kristin while questioning her parenting skills.

When Kristin and Jay reunited and posted matching statements, Kristin went on to reply—  “I told you it would all work out.”

Going a step further, Madison shared a selfie of the two and captioned it— “Too bad it didn’t work out”.

Did She Cause The Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Split?

During the Southern Charm reunion aired in late-Jan 2021, Craig Conover labeled Madison LeCroy a homewrecker. He accused Madison of having an affair with a married, ex-MLB star.

In the heated back and forth, Madison admitted directing messaging the former MLB player. She, however, denied flying out to Miami to hook up with him. Madison then insisted she never touched him.

By early-Feb 2021, everyone learned the MLB star that Madison had an affair with was Alex Rodgriguez, the fiancee of Jennifer Lopez. Addressing the rumor, Madison insisted she and Alex hadn’t been physical. The makeup artist told Page Six that the two talked randomly and inconsistently.

When Alex and Jennifer announced their split in March 2021, everyone turned their heads at Maidson. A source even told Page Six that the scandal with Madison was the reason Jennifer broke up with Alex. According to the insider, the singer felt embarrassed by it.

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