Democratic representative Cori Bush of Missouri announced that she will be moving office away from GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Cori and Marjorie had a heated exchange when Marjorie didn’t put on a mask in Capitol Hill. She even requested Marjorie be expelled from Congress.

Ever since then Marjorie has been a center of attention for many. So, delve into this article as it explores several aspects of Cori Bush’s life.

How Old Is She?

Cori Bush was born on 21 July 1976. She turned 44 years old while celebrating her birthday in July of 2020. Based on that, Cori Bush secured Cancer as her zodiac sign.

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Cori Bush Parents, Siblings

Cori Bush was born to her father Errol S. Bush and her mother Barbara J. Bush in her hometown in St. Louis, Missouri. Errol served as an alderman and former mayor of Northwood, a small city in St. Louis County. Likewise, Barabara was a technical analyst.

In October of 2020, Cori celebrated her father’s birthday and wished her through an Instagram post.

More on her family: Cori grew up with two siblings, Perry Bush, her brother, and her sister Kelli. Besides names, no further information on her siblings surfaced as of this writing.

Is Cori Bush Marxist?

No, Cori Bush isn’t Marxist. She described herself as a democratic socialist. But she has been facing hate from the right wings, extremists, and white supremacists since 2014. But Cori knows how to deal with that, by shrugging it off and leaving with a smile like she did when Mark McCloskey called her Marxist.

Cori Bush Height

Cori Bush is a lady with a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Moreover, she weighed almost 75 kilograms (165 lbs). However, she doesn’t worry about gaining as she is dealing with real problems in the world.

In fact, even with the increasing weight, Cori still looks very attractive with her classy sense of dressing herself.

Her Social Media Reach

Cori Bush promotes is very popular on several social media platforms. In her Instagram account, 357k people were following her. Moreover, her Twitter account boasted the highest number of followers that is 732.6k in total. Moreover, Cori was also on Facebook with 99,855 followers demonstrating a sizable dominance and reach in the platform.

Cori Bush Net Worth

While her total net worth is hasn’t been calculated, Cori Bush is estimated to worth about $400 thousand in total.

Cori Bush enrolled and graduated from Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School. She graduated high school in 1995 and joined Harris-Stowe State University for a year.

The Missouri-native also attended the Lutheran School of Nursing from 2005 to 2008. She earned her diploma as a Registered Nurse from the same.

Talking about her career, Cori Bush started as a preschool teacher. Later, she went on to become the school’s assistant director. From July of 2008, she started working as a registered nurse at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.

After working for 3 years and three months, Cori quit her job as a nurse. In 2011,  She founded the Kingdom Embassy International Church in her hometown. She served as a pastor until 2014.

In 2013, Cori was accepted as a nursing advisor at Hopewell Health Center. She worked for the health center until 2020. Starting from 2015, Bush also served as Nonviolence 365 Ambassador for The King Center. Plus, she started her job as a co-director of the Truth Telling Project in 2015.

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Her Political Career

Cori bush might’ve never intended in jumping into politics but after work during the Ferguson Movement working as a clergy, medic, and protestor draw her closer to politics. Later in 2016, she competed as a U.S. Senate candidate but faced defeat in the Democratic primary.

In 2017, Cori secured the chair of vice-chairperson of the Missouri Democratic Party Progressive Caucus. She also organized the St. Louis protests named Expect Us. She again ran for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District and yet again was defeated in the Democratic primary in August of 2018.

However, in August of 2020, Cori defeated William Lacy Clay Jr. and won the election for Democratic primary. She won the general election on 3 November 2020 and assumed office on 4 January 2021.

Not only that but Cori’s campaign was also featured in the award-winning documentary Knock Down the House (2019). She has also been celebrated with several honors and accolades including the Community Activist Award from the Missouri Association of Black Ministers, Unsung Human Rights Shero, by the St. Louis Coalition for Human Rights among a few others.

While recognizing herself as a Democratic Socialist, Cori’s political career has focused on four major issues. She strived for protecting communities that focused on equality for LQBTQ+, immigration reforms, prison reform, gender equality, and criminal justice reform. Likewise, she also focused on medicare for all, the green new deal, and housing for all to invest in social safety nets.

Additionally, Cori also focused on public safety and education for all and of course economic justice and campaign finance reforms. She received endorsements from different organizations including FTD, Blue America, American Progressives in STEM, Our every day, Future Generations, Booker For The People, Matriarch, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey, U.S. Congresswoman Ayanna Presley and Rashida Tlaib, and many more.

Cori Bush Husband, Children, Divorce

Cori Bush was married but struggled to a larger extent during that time. Her husband grew more violent with time and he almost ended up killing her twice. The second time it happened she passed out after being choke-hold and was left for dead.

Cori had a son named Zion who was born in 2000 and a daughter named Angel born in 2001. As per her interview, she ran for the office to save the life of his son. Cori raised her children as a single mother.

In 2001, Cori worked as a low-wage worker at a child-care company for 10 years but quitted as she was pregnant with Zion. He was born in only 5 months and required constant care. When she brought him back home she already had Angel inside of her.

But, not being able to pay rent and for her own safety, Cori left her then-husband and started living in a car. But her boss found her and had her settled in a well-furnished place.

She had to endure many things in life. But, being violently raped by a man whom she met so that he could show her an apartment impacted her the most. She showed him to the police at the hospital but was released after claiming it was just rough sex.

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