TikToker and social media star CelinaSpookyBoo went viral in 2021 when she shared videos of herself sleepwalking. The video garnered 44.7 million views with 10.9 million likes as of 4th Feb.

Ever since then, fans have wanted to be refreshed about her life and career along with her relationship. For those of our readers who are newly introduced to the TikTok star, scroll down this CelinaSpookyBoo!

CelinaSpookyBoo Age, Birthday, Zodiac

CelinaSpookyBoo turned 26 years old in 2020. She celebrated her birthday every year on 20 February. As per Famous Birthdays, she secured Pisces as her zodiac sign based on her date of birth.

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CelinaSpookyBoo Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Real Name Celina Horvath Meyers, CelinaSpookyBoo was allegedly born to Hungarian parents, as her father’s name is Zoltan. While her father and mother are featured on several occasions, she never revealed further details on her parents.

Moreover, Celina’s father seems like a kind and adorable old man who cares for his family more than anything. Whereas, she gets all of her charm and cheerfulness from her mother once we take a good look at her.

Furthermore, Celina’s mother suffers from a chronic illness that she has never spoken of. As her Instagram showed, her mother moves around with the support of a wheelchair. Her mother turned 60 years old while celebrating her birthday in January of 2020.

As per the Instagram post of her sibling, collecting mixing bowl is one of her hobbies. Speaking of CelinaSpookyBoo’s sibling, she has a brother named Joel Horvath. He is a bike and car enthusiast and is in a relationship with one, Karissa Neeves.

The Horvath family hailed from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Coming to the physical attributes of CelinaSpookyBoo, she stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Plus, she weighed about 77 kilograms (169 lbs) at the time of penning this piece. Moreover, Celina has been blessed with long-brown wavy hair and has a light complexion. Plus, her chubby looks and funny sense of humor make her even more adorable.

In December 2020, Celina went on Instagram and shared a few words about the positive changes she is bringing in her life. In there she addressed her body weight and buying clothes online hoping it fit her literally and metaphorically. However, Celina isn’t much stressed out about losing weight as people do. Instead, she has learned to embrace everything that she has been blessed with and make a few changes that satisfy her.

Social Media Reach: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Celina is most popular on TikTok, but she is performed no lesser on other social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. Her self-titled YouTube channel garnered 195k subscribers as of Feb 2021. Likewise, the Canadian-native’s Instagram account earned her 609k followers which are yet to be verified. Also, she was on Twitter with 3517 followers, which is the lowest among all the others.

But, it is TikTok where she found her career thrive and garnering an impressive number of followers. Her TikTok entertained 10.3 million followers with 277.8 million likes for her videos. Celina reached 1 million followers on 19 December which she posted on her Instagram, the same day.

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CelinaSpookyBoo Net Worth, Merch, Job

CelinaSpookyBoo started her journey as an entertainer in social media in 2014 when she started The Haunted Estate, a podcast about stories with horror and thrill. But she stopped running the podcast after 2018. However, she found a path to pursue a successful career when she fell in love with a short video creating and sharing app TikTok. She started by posting funny videos every day.

With the sole motive to make people smile and feel happy after watching her comedy videos, CelinaSpookyBoo watched her followers grow one day at a time. Within 4 months into TikTok, she watched her followers grow to 1 million.

Talking about her days in high school, CelinaSpookyBoo called herself a generic ‘weird kid.’ She went to three different high schools and still couldn’t found the habitat where she thrived. But, her public profile helped gather other ‘weird people’ who she calls her fans.

When Celina isn’t giving cramps to people’s stomachs, she is busy writing fiction. She is mostly focused on horror and thriller and loves writing about paranormals more than anything. She initiated her journey as a writer when she started making podcasts.

Moreover, Celina also delved into the entrepreneurial route when she released her own makeup line titled BeautyXBoo. She introduced shadow CelinaSpookyBoo palette that was sold out within a few minutes of launching the product. While she designed the colors, names, and designs, one of her fans helped create cartoons of her likeness. Even after all of the success, she is as humble as they come and is true to her self and most grateful to her fans.

Celina also indulged herself in charity work. On the day of Christmas eve, her fans helped her raise $5000, all of which went for a good cause. In 2019, Celina also made headlines for riding a hearse. She filled her large back trunk with supplies — bags, coats, and backpacks — for homeless people.

For her generous heart, CelinaSpookyBoo has also been treated well as she sits comfortably on a total net worth of $700 thousand.

CelinaSpookyBoo Husband, Kids, Married

CelinaSpookyBoo is married to her husband Adam Meyers. Based on her post dated back to December 2020, the couple got engaged on Christmas eve in 2010. And he again popped the big question to keep being his wife.

Celina further wrote— “I love my wedding set so much that I like to keep it safe (I tend to ruin and lose everything) so for the past 6 years I have opted for a simple white gold band. I adore minimalist rings.”

The lovebirds allegedly have been together since 2008 but they never revealed how they met each other. CelinaSpookyBoo and her husband Adam were wedded in early September of 2013 and have been happily married ever since. But, the married couple didn’t have any kids as of this writing. Moreover, they hadn’t shared any plans of expanding their family.

More about Adam Meyers: CelinaSpookyBoo’s husband previously had a job as a factory worker. He also suffered a head injury and left his job once CelinaSpookyBoo established a successful career.

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