Sarah Simmons works as a server but due to the ongoing pandemic, her livelihood was impacted for a bit. However, her career was seeing slightly better days as she got a chance to get back to work.

Previously, Sarah appeared on the television series Love After Lockup, which was first premiered on 12th January 2018 on We TV.

Sarah also gained limelight for her relationship with Michael Simmons. No wonder, people have one big question: Are Sarah and Michael still together?

In this article, learn about Sarah’s relationship as well as about her wiki.

Sarah Simmons Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Sarah Simmons was born in the year 1994, reaching the age of 26 in Spring 2020.

She celebrates her birthday in the month of May but exactly on which date remained a private affair. Thus, her zodiac sign might be Taurus or Gemini.

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Biography — Family, Hometown, Maiden Name

Sarah Simmons — coming from hometown Farmington, New York — was raised by her mother Kimberly, and anonymous father. Her mother Kimberley, born in 1968, died in 2007. Although her mother is no more in this world, she never misses a chance to make her children feel their grandmother’s presence.

On 5th February 2019, Sarah posted a picture of her baby infront of her mother’s tombstone.

Furthermore, it is a common knowledge that Sarah uses Simmons as her last name. On Twitter, when one of her followers asked about her maiden name, Sarah replied saying as long as her children’s last name is Simmons that will be her maiden name too.

Sarah Simmons Weight Loss, Height, Measurements

Sarah Simmons has a height of around five feet five inches (1.66 meters). She was a little too healthy before filming for WEtv. Circa 2020, Sarah began flaunting her recent weight loss transformation. Everyone could tell that she had really slimmed down.

With Sarah’s transformation pictures, fans were unable to recognize her due to her drastic change. Often seen making her bond hair curl, she looks more attractive with her 35-25-34 inches measurements.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Sarah Simmons is active on Instagram and Twitter. However, her Facebook account was beyond public reach. As she has just entered into the entertainment world, Sarah is on the way of making more wealth and fan following. For now (Sept 2020), on her Instagram account, she amassed 117K followers and 13.2K followers on Twitter.

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Sarah Simmons Job, Net Worth, Career

Sarah Simmons, who held the job as a server, had her livelihood impacted by COVID 19. But then, she was back to her business which is slightly changing her day to day life.

Sarah not only does reality shows but also helps to promote endorsements. By 2020, she had endorsed brands like teamiblends and flattummyapp.

By 2020, from her career, Sarah’s net worth is estimated to be under $100k.

Sarah Simmons And Michael On Life After Lockup

Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons were an item once upon a time. The couple were together for six years and were married. However, Sarah was not the only woman in his life and he had affairs outside the marriage.

Before Michael was locked up, she was unknown about the affairs her husband was having. The show Love After Lockup presented the craziest love story of the love triangle of Sarah, Michael, and Megan.

Megan — a 28-year-old virgin from Fort Worth, TX — was saving herself for the right man. Then Michael entered her life and she believed he is the man for her. However, Michael served in the prison for most of his life once again had to serve for two years for a parole violation halfway across the country.

While Michael was in prison, he proposed to Megan who was excited about the wedding but her world soon came crashing down after she learned about Sarah. However, she only learned half-truth as Michael decided to hide half-truth from her. He mentioned to Megan about Sarah as his fiance and mother of his children but in reality, the two were married in actual life.

Meanwhile, when Michael was released from prison, he sneakily spends time with both of his women. Along the way, Michael took Megan’s virginity as well as got Sarah pregnant. Michael’s mother learned about her son’s deed and told him to leave Megan and focus on his wife and children.

Michael agreed to his mother but due to some consequences, he was sent back to prison again. This time, while he was in prison, Sarah learned about his affair with Megan and decided to divorce him.

The first season ended as the viewers witnessed both women taking the decision to move on. However, in the second season, Sarah as well as Megan was in contact with Michael and Sarah also welcomed her second daughter.


Sarah Simmons with her two daughters (Photo: Sarah Simmons’ IG)

As people know everything was over between Sarah and Michael, there was a rumor about her third pregnancy as Sarah confirmed she had an intimate moment with Michael. When one of her fans asked Sarah if she was still together with Michael she replied, “light at the end of the tunnel.”

As for Michale, he was already into another woman named Maria. Sarah and Maria also got into a huge fight and Sarah made Michael chose between her and Maria. Michael was quick enough to take the decision and chose Maria and went back to Miami with her.

This might be the end of Sarah and Michael but one thing which will bound them forever is their children. Sarah first met Michael through her friend’s boyfriend.

During the divorce process, Michael refused to sign the papers and demanded half custody of the children

Who Is Sarah Simmons Boyfriend?

Sarah Simmons might be seeing a new man in her life. In the new show Life After Lockup, she hinted at having a boyfriend.

Stay tuned with the show to get more updates on Sarah and her new man!

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