Reality TV thrives on petty drama and over-the-top emotions. However, in the history of reality shows, there have also been level-headed people. These people have stood high and above all that and proved that calmness might not be as entertaining as emotional outbursts but it sure is exemplary.

DeShawn Snow was one of those rare level-headed breeds of reality television. Although being part of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bravo TV’s one of the most drama-filled shows, DeShawn was a problem solver rather than a problem creator.

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DeShawn Snow Wiki — Age, Birthday, Social Media

DeShawn Snow was born on 17 March 1973 in Detroit, Michigan. She went to Michigan State University and studied marketing while there. Meanwhile, not much is known about her family.

DeShawn is very active in social media, especially Instagram, which frequently appears with her family and friends.

Religiously speaking, DeShawn is a devout Christian and has immense faith in God, whatever test he takes of her.

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DeShawn Snow Net Worth, Job, Enterprises

The world knew DeShawn Snow as one of the original cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, however, her job tally was long and varied.

DeShawn was a motivational speaker and self-proclaimed “Soul Awakening to Radical Transformation Mastermind”. She helped people in their healing journey through adversity.

DeShawn was also a kids’ book author. She released a kids’ book series called Lil Shawnee, an inspiring and empowering books for pre-teens.

Deshawn was also a real estate advisor, focusing on the luxury real estate and lifestyle management for athletes, entertainers, businessmen, and their families.

Towards the end of 2019, DeShawn’s net worth was estimated to be over $1.5 million.

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Foundation, Fundraisers

DeShawn Snow was also a very avid social worker. Her own, DeShawn Snow Foundation, focused on helping the young girls in Atlanta and over the US, in pursuing their dreams.

Deshawn organized regular fundraisers for her foundation, however, the success was not smooth in all of those fundraisers. However, her desire to help the young girls were so strong that she persevered.

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Measurements, Height, Weight Loss

Talking about her measurements, DeShawn stands at a very modest height of above five feet & six inches. And while she was slightly overweight in the past, she achieved great feats of weight loss to be the beautiful woman that she was.

Her journey of weight loss was a kind of symbolic journey of her healing from the adversities she faced during that time.

Husband, Kids, Divorce — Eric & DeShawn Snow

For a long time(12 years), DeShawn Snow was married to a professional basketball player Eric Snow. The two of them were boyfriend-girlfriend since college. The couple had three kids — Eric, Darius, Jareen — together.

Darius was even walking in his father’s footsteps to be a professional sportsperson.


DeShawn Snow with one of her kids circa February 2020 (PC: DeShawn’s IG)

For a long time, DeShawn and her husband’s relationship was steady, so lacking in drama and happy that producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked her out of the show as the show needed drama to survive.

And then only two years after that confusing sack, the drama started to unravel in her real life. She found out that her husband was cheating on her. The couple filed for divorce in May 2010.

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DeShawn Snow Dating, Boyfriend

While DeShawn Snow was open in the dating scene after the divorce, there wasn’t any news of the boyfriend. It seemed that after divorce she found her purpose in life with helping other people heal and young girls dream, rather than in the next boyfriend.

So devastated was DeShawn after the breakup that she needed some sort of catharsis to keep her moving.

One part of catharsis came with the weight loss, the other part came with writing the children book series and the final cherry on the top was her DeShawn Snow Foundation.

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