Amelie Zilber is a social media influencer and model, as well as a Young Ambassador for UNICEF. She is most popular for her Tiktok and Instagram presence, her modeling with the US’s largest modeling agency LA Models.

Read the article below to know everything to know about Amelie and her family, including her mom, dad, and brother.

Who Is Amelie Zilber?

Amelie Zilber was born on 27 March 2002. She was 18 years of age by September of 2020. Having her birthday on 27 March, her zodiac sign was Aries.

She was born in the United States. It was not known where in the US was she born, but she grew up in LA. Amelie attended Harvard-Westlake School in LA. After high school, she enrolled at Georgetown University for her college education.

As a social media star, she is extremely popular on Instagram, where she had 1.3M followers (as of Sept 2020). Amelie had another Instagram account @twominutetimes, where she talked about current politics. While she was usually very loved for her work, her recent comments on immigrants also brought her some criticisms.

On Youtube, Amelie had 281k subscribers. Similarly, on Tiktok, she had a massive following of 4.2M.

There was no information about any boyfriend(s), nor anything about her net worth.

Amelie Zilber had a tall height of 5 ft 8 inches and a weight of 55 kgs.

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Who Are Amelie Zilber’s Parents?

One of the reasons behind such a massive early success of Amelie Zilber was her parents’ high profile. Her mom was Christina Jouer, a makeup artist, a social media personality, and an entrepreneur. And her father was Laurent Zilber, a film producer.

Her parents divorced in 2007 and she was raised by her mother. Read more about her parents here.

  • Christina Jouer (Mom)

Amelie’s mom Christina Jouer is the founder and the creative director of a successful cosmetic brand called Jouer Cosmetics. Jouer Cosmetics makes products free of toxins and other ingredients like talc, parabens, gluten, etc.

According to the company’s website, Christina was interested in beauty and style from a very young age.  Her own mom, Amelie’s grandmother, was a fashion model, who taught Christina makeup and other methods of accentuating a woman’s beauty.

Christina went to Pepperdine University. And before founding Jouer, she founded and worked for Trillion Entertainment. Christina founded Jouer in 2008.

Apart from being a businesswoman, Christina is also a social media personality, albeit a lesser one than her daughter. On Instagram, she had 59.4k followers [As of Sept 2020]. On her Youtube channel called CZJOUER, she had 2.46k subscribers. Similarly, on Tiktok, she had 9.5k followers.

Beyond that, Christina also worked with UNICEF to help and create opportunities for disenfranchised women around the world.

Christina lived in LA, dividing her time between her homes in Beverly Hills and Malibu.

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  • Laurent Zilber (Dad)

Amelie’s dad, Laurent Zilber, is also a successful entrepreneur and a film producer. As a film producer, he had movies like The Nazi Officer’s Wife, New Suit, Joyride, etc., under his belt. He is also the president and owner of Les Films Trillion, a film production company in France.

It was not just in the films that Laurent invested. Actually, he is a very successful private investor who had tried his hands on a wide range of investment opportunities, including a few restaurants. Laurent is a manager and co-owner of Cafe des Artistes. He is also an operating partner in Bagatelle, a successful restaurant brand in LA.

Laurent is also a co-founder of a California Botanical Drugstore,, which was both an e-commerce and an educational source about Hemp CBD products.

Furthermore, with his ex-wife, Christina, i.e. Amelie’s mom, he is the co-founder of Jouer Cosmetics as well as their venture when they were still married Trillion Entertainment.

Unlike Amelie and her mom, her father was not very big on social media. On Twitter, he had only 24 followers and his last Tweet was in 2013.

Amelie’s dad is a French national born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. He studied at ESDE Paris France and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

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Does Amelie Zilber Have Siblings?

Yes, Amelie Zilber did have a sibling, an elder brother named Emmanuel Zilber, Eman in short. Apparently, Amelie did not have any sister. But Eman as a sibling was as close to Amelie as a sister would have been.

Amelie’s brother was a very promising young man with a good prospect in politics and policymaking. Like his sister, Emmanuel attended Harvard-Westlake School in LA. After graduating from high school, he went on to attend the University of Chicago.

Even before he had started his university, Emmanuel had interned for some reputed political institutions and campaigns. In 2017, he interned for SCN Strategies, a communication strategy firm for political campaigns and companies.

Similarly, in the latter half of the same year and in 2018, Emmanuel worked as an intern for Gavin Newsom’s campaign for Governor of California. That was during his high school years. Later, when he was in college, Amelie’s brother interned for Kamala Harris For The People.

As an intern for the Kamala Harris For The People campaign, Emmanuel assisted with fundraising work, worked in the Research Department at the campaign’s Baltimore HQ.

Unlike his sister, Emmanuel had a very small presence in social media. On Instagram, he had only one post and 381 followers as of this writing.

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