Circa Sept 2020, Kim Cattrall returned to the eyes of the media when she revealed that she was going to move to Canada with her boyfriend Russell Thomas. So, we are too riding on the wagon and bringing you the love story of Kim and Russell.

Read the article below to know everything there is to know about Russell.

Russell Thomas & Kim Cattrall Age Difference

When they came to know about Kim Cattrall’s new boyfriend, the first thing that came to people’s minds (probably in the couple’s mind too) was their age difference. And there was indeed a substantial age difference.

Kim Cattrall was a veteran actress who rose to fame as Samantha Jones of Sex and the City in the 90s. As of 2020, she was 64 years of age. While he did not know exactly how old Russell Thomas was, most of the sources in the web speculated that he was in his late 40s.

Crunching the basic numbers, Kim and Russel’s age difference was almost (or maybe over) 15 years. On the surface that might look too much, at such an old age, that difference might not matter too much.

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Russell Thomas Wiki — Family, Early Life, Nationality

Whatever we, or the rest of the web for that matter, know about Russell came from an interview Kim gave to, where she talked about her new boyfriend.

Keeping that in mind, there was no information regarding Rusell’s early life, except that he was born in Kent, England. Interestingly, Kim was also born in Liverpool, England before moving to Vancouver, Canada. Kim’s English roots might have worked to forge their bond stronger.

Obviously, Russell’s nationality was British. Apart from that, the entire web had no idea about Russell’s family.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Russell Thomas was a tall man, standing at a height of approximately 6 ft, probably a little over it. There was no information regarding how much he weighed.

Among the distinct and most impressive features of Russell, he had very easy and beautiful blue eyes that Kim seemed to love, a narrow chin, and a very charming smile.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Russell Thomas was not a very famous person before meeting and dating Kim. Plus, he did not seem that open in his usage of social media. He did have an Instagram handle, but that was kept private. And although he had over 322 posts, he only had 156 followers [as of Sept 2020].

It seems Russell preferred to keep his social media reach limited to his friends and family members, and maybe a few colleagues. Most probably, he was not present on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Russell Thomas Job, Net Worth, Education

When it came to his professional life, the only thing that was open to the public was the fact that at one point he used to work for BBC. In fact, it was while he was working on the BBC that he met Kim.

However, the media had no idea what job he did for the BBC. According to our sources, a broadcast journalist on the BBC earned £38k – £50k, whereas a software engineer earned £43k – £50k. However, since we did not know what his job was for the BBC, it was hard to conclude what amount of salary he earned.

While there was no information about Russell’s own net worth, he had become the part of Kim Cattrall’s $60 million net worth.

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Russell Thomas Kim Cattrall, Dating, Girlfriend

Now, let us talk about something about which there was actually a great deal of information, i.e. Russell’s world-famous girlfriend Kim Cattrall.

Before becoming Russell’s girlfriend, Kim Cattrall had been a wife of three other people in the past. Her first husband was Larry Davis, then Andre J. Lyson. Finally, for six years during her Sex and the City fame days, she was married to Mark Levinson.

Russell first met Kim in 2016, while she was in England. They went for a couple of dates but things did not move much forward as Kim returned to Canada. To her surprise (and joy), Russell came to visit her in Vancouver. That grand gesture of love brought them very close.

They had been dating for over three years, although they were both based on different continents before the COVID pandemic hit. Russell and his girlfriend were together when the lockdown started. So, they remained together, cooped up in a house, during the entire lockdown.


Russell Thomas with his girlfriend Kim Cattrall going out together circa September 2020 (PC: Judith Grohmann’s Twitter)

Fortunately, when things resumed to their usual flow, Russell decided to follow his girlfriend to Canada and start living together. Things seem to be going great, with Kim Cattrall saying things like Russell was “worth waiting for.”

We could expect some good news in the future.

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