Stealing our hearts, Zurie Hester; the adorable granddaughter of Terry Bradshaw, appeared on the E! series The Bradshaw Bunch.

“Strong, smart, confident, beautiful”, these are the words that her mother chose to define her with. While Zurie might not be the main cast for the show, we are sure that this young girl will steal the spotlight anytime soon.

So, here we are letting you on the inside of this precious girl along with this wiki style article.

How Old Is Zurie Hester?

Zurie Hester was born on April 23, 2013. That made her 7 years of age as she first appeared on The Bradshaw Bunch.

Also, for her 7th birthday, her mother Lacey took it to Instagram to share how much she loved her. She wrote,

“HBD to my number one girl. There aren’t enough words to do scribe this one so I’ll keep it simple. If you know you know. 7 years of brilliance”

Corresponding to her birthday, Zurie is of Taurus zodiac.

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Zurie Hester Wiki — Dad, Mom, Step-Father

Zurie Hester is not the biological granddaughter of Terry Bradshaw. She was born to Lacey Luttrull Hester (step-daughter of Terry Bradshaw).

As for Zurie’s biological dad, his name wasn’t disclosed until September 2020. However, we can speculate that Zurie’s father could be a people of color (POC).

Moreover, there were no reports that her biological parents ever married.

Furthermore, Zurie was almost 3 years of age when her mom, Lacey got married to Noah Hester on August 6, 2016. Reportedly, her mom, Lacey worked as a high school girl’s basketball coach while her stepfather, Noah was a private Hawaii-based chef then.

Trivia: mom, Lacey, and granddad, Terry bonded over their love for sports.

Talking about sports, Zurie’s aunt, Erin Bradshaw was a world champion equestrian. Maybe that’s why Zurie got interested in horses as well.

On July 15, 2020, Zurie competed in a horse show and not only did she win her division but also won first overall. Just in case you are wondering the horse weighed 635.02 kg (1400 lbs) and Zurie weighted 31.75 Kg (70 lbs).

Apart from this, Zurie enjoyed playing soccer and was involved in martial arts. Reportedly, her uncle Adam Taufmann was a martial artist as well.

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Does Zurie Hester Have Siblings?

Yes, Zurie Hester does have a half brother named Jebediah who was born in June 2017. That makes her 4 years older.

However, she is the only child from Lacey’s previous relationships.

Furthermore, Zurie and Jebediah were close to each other. There were a lot of pictures of them enjoying together over Lacey’s Instagram.

Is She On Instagram?

No, Zurie wasn’t on Instagram as of September 2020.

But you can find pictures and updates on her over her mother, Lacey’s Instagram @lacey_hester_ with over 1.6K followers.

How Tall Is She?

Zurie Hester was a taller girl as a child. An average 7-year-old would measure around 3 feet 8 inches (111.76cm) – 4 feet 1 inch (124.46 cm). So, she was on the higher end of the scale.

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Zurie Hester & Terry Bradshaw On “The Bradshaw Bunch”

E! reality show, The Bradshaw Bunch revolved around Terry Bradshaw’s life. And alongside him, the show featured Zurie’s grandmother- Tammy; mother- Lacey; and aunts- Erin and Rachel.

On the 17 Sept 2020 premiere of the show, Zurie made her first entrance on the Television, confused about why her grandfather was asked to host a Monster Truck race. She says,

“I don’t know what the big deal about Poppy is, I mean I’m a lot cuter.”

How can anyone not say “Awww” after her words of innocence?

If you don’t know, her grandfather, Terry is a retired NFL player turned broadcaster. And Zurie’s grandmother, Tammy is Terry’s fourth wife.

Yes! Terry was married 3 times before. Plus, Erin and Rachel aren’t her biological aunts. They were born to Terry’s third wife, Charlotte Hopkins.

So we may also say that Zurie has 4 grandmothers namely; the former beauty queen – Melissa Babish; the Olympian – Jojo Starbucks; a well-known attorney – Charlotte Hopkins; and Tammy Bradshaw.

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