Blanche Gardin is a French comedian, film, and theatre actress who has worked in movies like Problemos, Workingirls, etc. However, it was her relationship with Louis C.K. that propelled her into fame.

Read the article below to know more about Blanche Gardin, including her relationship with Louis C.K.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born on 3 April 1977, Blanche was already 43 years of age by the time this article was penned, i.e. September 2020.

Having her birthday on the 3rd of April, her zodiac sign was Aries.

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Blanche Gradin Wiki — Family, Education, As A Young Girl

Not much was known about Blance’s early life. She was born in Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine, France, a suburb on the outskirts of Paris. She came from a relatively affluent and quite leaning-family.

As a young girl, Blanche suffered from depression and ran away from her family. She did return after a little time and got a proper education. She graduated with a degree in sociology from Paris X Nanterre.

Then she started to do social work, helping children and made comedy videos on the side.

Is There A Video Of Blanche Gardin Speaking English?

Scouring through the web, a video of Blanche speaking English could not be found. As a comedian, most of her standups were in French, as were most of her interviews. All her major films were also French.

However, she and Louis C.K. made audio series that was released on C.K.’s channel and was in English.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Blanche Gardin was a quite short woman, standing at a height of just 5 ft 3 inches, compared to Louis C.K.’s 6 ft 0 inches. She weighed around 55 kgs.

Blanche was a beautiful woman, a cute face, impressive hair, and beautiful eyes. She also had an amazingly beautiful body, the web did not know the exact measurements of her figure.

Is She On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Blanche was on Instagram, and Facebook, and also on Twitter. However, she was not an ardent social media user. On Instagram, she had only 11 posts and the last post was dated 2016. In spite of her infrequency, she was very popular on Instagram with 120k followers.

On Twitter, her last post was dated 2019. And she was only 623 followers.

Facebook, on the other hand, was Blache’s main social media platform. Her Facebook page, Blanche Gardin, was up to date, with regular, but not too frequent posts. Moreover, the page had the following of 719k and 471k likes.

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Blanche Gardin Net Worth, Career, Filmography

Blanche’s career had touched a wide array of jobs. She was not only an actor but a comedian and a writer as well.

As a comedian, she frequently did standups that were very famous on Youtube, and they also sold well on the platform.

In her theatre career, she had worked in works like Jamel Comedy Club, I Need To Talk To You, I Speak Alone, and Good White Night. For the latter, she won the 2019 Moliere Humor Prize.

She also worked on the television adaptation of Jamel Comedy Club. Among her other popular work on, were Workingirls, The Angels ‘Part, etc. Her filmography included movies like Problemos, I am not an Easy Man, By a Clear Half Morning.

The web did not know the exact net worth of Blanche Gardin, but it was nowhere near the $35 million net worth of her boyfriend Louis C.K.

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How Did Blanche Gardin And Louis C.K. Meet?

Long before Blanche met Louis in person, her life was changed by him. When she was a little over 30 years of age, she had to go through a difficult breakup and was depressed and hospitalized. At that time, she started watching Louis C.K.’s comedy videos. The profound effect he had on Blanche could only be described in her own words, “It was Louis C.K. and psychiatric hospital” that saved her.

Now, the exact date when Blanche met Louis was not known but it was years later from her first encounter with his comedy.

Louis announced that he was dating Blanche during a 2018 set in Paris. The sexual misconduct accusations against Louis C.K. were still hot at that time and Blanche, a feminist icon herself, stood strongly by his side. After all, every man should get a chance for redemption.

Is Blanche Gardin Still With Louis C.K.?

One word answer would be, yes. On 4 August 2020, Blanche and Louis were spotted swimming and enjoying their vacation time in St. Barts.


Blanche Gardin and her boyfriend Louis C.K. on a vacation in St. Bart. circa 2020 (PC:

So, it looked as if their relationship was still going great.

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