In 2020, the famous Youtube celebrity, from the channel Brooklyn and Bailey, found her new boyfriend, a guy called Brooks Oberhansley.

Read the below to know everything there is to know about Brooklyn’s new boyfriend, including the information about his family.

Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Let us start with Brooks’s simple bio. Considering that the world of social media came to know Brooks only a few days ago, there was no information about his exact birthday. The sources did say, however, that he was 21 years of age in 2020.

Since his exact birthday was not known, his zodiac sign was a mystery.

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Brooks Oberhansley Bio — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Brooks Oberhansley was born to parents: Philip D. Oberhansley and Christine Bridenstine Oberhansley. He had three siblings in the family: a brother named Blake Oberhansley, and two sisters Kiersten Oberhansley Nelson and Karoline Oberhansley Schrader.

Both of her sisters are married. While it was not known who Karoline was married to, Kiersten was married to a guy named Blake Jake Nelson.

His brother Blake was also married. He married a girl named Kayla Gray Oberhansley in 2016. Currently, Blake lived in Rexburg, Idaho, and worked as a design engineer at Ballistic Fabrication.

Brooks’s hometown is Murrieta, California. However, at this moment, he and his parents lived in the city of Mapletown, Utah.

Brooks Oberhansley Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Brooks Oberhansley is a very tall guy, standing at a height of roughly 6 ft. He is also a heavyset guy with a weight of around 84 kgs, or 185 lbs.

One of the distinct features of Brooks is that he has a very large face with a long chin, and wide cheekbones, and forehead. He also owns a brown-blond hair on top of his head.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of Sept 2020, Brooks’ social media presence was very normal and nowhere near to the level of his girlfriend. After all, he was only a boyfriend to a social media celebrity and not one himself.

On Instagram, he had 26 posts with a little 500 followers. And he did not seem to be available on Twitter. He did have a Facebook, but again his Facebook was only for his friends and family members. He entertained 462 Facebook friends and only 135 people followed him.

Brooks Oberhansley Job, Net Worth, Education

For his high school education, Brooks Oberhansley attended Maple Mountain High School in Spanish Fork, Utah. While in high school, he played varsity football.

Later, Brooks went on to attend Brigham Young University in Idaho for his college education. He was studying finance at BYU and was planning to graduate with a degree in the finance field.

Considering that he was still in college, it was highly unlikely that Brooks had any series career-oriented jobs. He might have had few internships. Or maybe, he might have held some part-time jobs to earn a little for himself. If he had any, there was no information on the web about it.

Again, for similar reasons, that he was still a student, his net worth could not significant. Whatever meager saving he might have, there was no information about it on the web.

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Brooks Oberhansley Brooklyn McKnight, Dating, Girlfriend

Now, to the most interesting bit. How did an unknown college student come to have one of Youtube’s biggest stars as his girlfriend? Well, everything started with a certain idea called “10 Dates in 10 Days”.

So, Brooklyn McKnight was single, and to find her a boyfriend, she and her sister Bailey McKnight decided to start a special series called “10 Dates in 10 Days”. In the series, Brooklyn went on date with 10 different guys within 10 days and finally in the end she had to choose a guy to go on a second date.


Brooks Oberhansely and his girlfriend Brooklyn McKnight circa September 2020 (PC:

And our Brooks Oberhansley was the lucky guy, who not only went on a second date with Brooklyn but eventually made her his girlfriend.  Brooklyn and Brooks started dating seriously in August 2020. However, Brooks was revealed as a boyfriend only on the 16th of September.

For now, Brooks and his famous girlfriend’s dating life seemed to be going well. They seemed to like each other and enjoy each other’s company very well.

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