Of all the strange reasons someone could make the headlines, Deyana Mounira made one when she was accused of sexually assaulting a dog. And then a few years later, when she sued the owner of the said dog back.

Read about both lawsuits below and also know everything there is to know about Deyana Mounira.

Deyana Mounira Lawsuit, Toni Toutouni

In 2018, Deyana Mounira, a decently popular Instagram model then, arrived at Toni Toutouni’s house for a photoshoot. Toni Toutouni had a dog at that time called Hef. A couple of days later, a photo appeared on Deyana’s IG in which Hef was standing on his hind legs and his front paws were in Deyana’s hips. There was also a video, in which Hef was humping against Deyana.

After that Toni filed a lawsuit against Deyana for sexually assaulting hef. According to Toni, Deyana “began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him”. Apparently, Toni was demanding $1.5 million for the damages. The case was eventually dismissed as it was hard to decide who was the instigator, Deyana, or Hef the dog.

Two years passed after the incident, and this time, Deyana filed another lawsuit against Toni for damaging her career with the false lawsuit. According to Deyana, Toni not only set up the entire “dog stunt” to derail her career but he also, “tried to grope her while attempting to get in her in bed at the shoot location”.

Toni Toutouni is an entrepreneur and is also very big on Instagram.

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Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Deyana Mounira was born on 16 August 1990, which meant she was 30 years of age as of October 2020.

Having her birthday on the sixteenth of August, Deyana’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Deyana Mounira Wiki — Nationality, Family, Religion

Deyana was born in Lebanon in a family of Lebanese nationality. Based on her family name, it was most likely that Deyana’s family followed the Christian family. Lebanon had a huge middle-eastern population that belonged to the Christian religion.

Coming to Deyana’s individual family members, there was very little information available. She had a beautiful mother, who Deyana regarded very highly and even tried to emulate. But there was no information about her name. Nothing, whatsoever, was known about Deyana’s father.

In her family, Deyana also had a younger sister, whose name (once again) we did not know. However, it was most likely that she was in her mid-20s at present.

Deyana and her family moved to San Diego, California, and grew up in the United States.

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Deyana Mounira Plastic Surgery, Measurements, Height

Deyana Mounira stood at a tall height for a woman of middle-eastern origin. She had a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She weighed 55 kgs and her measurements were 35-25-39 inches.

There were a bunch of rumors about Deyana having plastic surgery. However, the rumors were never confirmed by Deyana herself.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Deyana was a social media celebrity, so the question of her social media reach was not even a question. On Instagram, she was massive with 632k followers. And all that with only 193 posts, almost all of which were her own modeling photos.

Before Instagram, Deyana had started Twitter. However, she did not have much following on Twitter, only 2k.

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Deyana Mounira Net Worth, Endorsements, Job

Talking about her job, Deyana is primarily an Instagram model. On her Instagram page, she made a lot of paid endorsements for companies like fashion nova, etc.

Apart from being an Instagram model, Deyana also worked the job of a makeup artist in Elite Permanent Makeup.

Her Instagram profile also mentioned that she was an entrepreneur but there was no telling, she did as an entrepreneur.

Deyana’s net worth as of October 2020 was about $450 thousand.

Deyana Mounira Boyfriend, Husband, Dating

There was absolutely nothing about Deyana Mounira’s dating life on the publicly accessible internet. Deyana did mention a couple of things on Twitter, indicating that she was straight. And her interest lied in boyfriends and not girlfriends. Also according to her Twitter, she preferred men who knew what he wanted.

It was possible that Deyana Mounira might be dating a boyfriend and had kept it under the wraps. However, it was unlikely that she had a husband and was able to keep her wedding under wraps.

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