Everybody knows Martin Scorcese. If his reputation as one of the greatest directors in Hollywood was not enough, his recent foray into the criticism of Marvel superhero movies should be more than enough for people to know him. Everybody, however, does not know Francesca Scorsese.

It is high time people start to know Martin Scorsese’s youngest daughter. She might very well be the next great star. Read the article below to know more about Francesca.

About Her Mom

It is needless to say who Francesca’s Dad was, but her mom was Martin’s fifth wife, Helen Morris.

Helen also belonged to the movie industry, although she was nowhere near as famous as her husband. Helen was a producer with shows like Daisy, Daisy, a TV series that premiered in 2001.

Unlike Martin’s all previous four marriages, his married life with Helen was much smoother and lasted for over 20 years. Whereas the longest of his previous marriage had lasted a mere six years. One advantage might be that both, Helen and Martin, were quite old when they got married.

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Was Francesca Scorsese Adopted?

One rumor that was quite common with Francesca was that she was actually adopted. The reason behind this was that both of her parents were old when she was born (Martin was 57 and Helen was 51).

However, this rumor was not true. And, yes, Helen actually gave birth to Francesca when she was already 51 years of age. That might look very rare and that is rare. But in the end, Francesca was healthy and she had grown up into a fine woman and an actress.

Francesca Scorsese Wiki: Age, College, Height

Francesca was born on 16 November 1999 in New York. She was born as the youngest of the Scorsese children. She had two half-siblings from Martin’s previous marriages.

Both of Francesca’s siblings are sister and both are much older than her. Cathy Scorsese was 54 years of age by 2020 and Domenica Cameron-Scorsese was 43 years of age.

For her education, Francesca went to Spence College in New York City. She attended Spence from the age of six through the age of sixteen, when she switched school to Masters School in Westchester, New York.

She graduated high school from Masters School in 2018. Later, she went for a college education to New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Today, in 2020, at the age of 20, Francesca Scorsese had a height of 5 ft 5 inches, which is as tall as her father. Martin is not an especially tall guy.

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Francesca Scorsese Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Being a daughter of a successful moviemaker had its perks. The obvious one was that she already had a carpet laid out for her into the film industry. That is not a bad thing if one had the talent to back herself up.

In the past, Francesca had appeared on a few minor roles in her father’s movies like The Departed, The Aviator, both of which were critically acclaimed.

In 2020, however, Francesca was cast in a TV series called We Are Who We Are. It was the occasion for Francesca to prove her mettle, to tell the world that she wasn’t just a celebrity child but someone who could perform.

Francesca Scorsese had only just started her career. However, she was already an heir of $100 million net worth of her fathers.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, YouTube

When we first went on to look for her, Francesca was present in almost all the major social media.

On Instagram, she had 54.5k followers with 330 posts, which were with her friends, with her father, and about her shows.

On Twitter, she had the following of 207. She was also present on FB with a lot of friends. On Youtube, she had uploaded her acting demo reel, a short film she directed and edited.

Francesca Scorsese Boyfriend, Dating, Married

Francesca’s relationship status on her FB shows her as married. That, however, seemed highly unlikely. And many sources we looked into for the confirmation seemed to have no information regarding her current husband or former boyfriends.

Of course, there was a possibility, however thin, that she was indeed married. But a 20-year-old might as well proclaim herself married as a prank upon the inquisitive eyes and nothing more.

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