A & E‘s reality TV show Storage Wars has been on TV for over 10 years now. Jarrod Schulz, an American entrepreneur and storage unit buyer, along with his long-time partner Brandi Passante, has been appearing on Storage Wars since the time the show premiered on television.

The whole fanbase of Storage Wars was shocked when they learned that Jarrod and Brandi parted ways in 2018. Jarrod has moved onto a new relationship with his girlfriend Rochel Beckman pretty quickly since his break-up with Brandi.

Today, we bring to you a wiki article about Jarrod’s new girlfriend Rochel Beckman. Get insights into Rochel’s age, dating life, and net worth.

Rochel Beckman Age

As of April 2021, Rochel’s age was 43 given her birth year of 1978. She celebrated her 43rd birthday on February 1, 2021. Going by her birthday, her zodiac sign was found to be Aquarius.

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Rochel Beckman Family 

Rochel was born and raised in El Toro, California.

To talk about her family members, Sue Beckman is her mother’s name. Her dad’s name was unknown as of April 2021.

Rochel had at least two siblings. One of which is her sister, Jennifer Richey Nelson, and the other one is a brother named Ryan Beckman. Ryan was 41 years old in 2021 as he celebrated his 41st birthday on January 1, 1980.

Rochel also had a dear grandfather, William Emile Crawford, from whom she received a lot of care and love while growing up. Unfortunately, she lost him on February 3, 2008, as he passed away at an age of 89 from natural causes.

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Her Height

Rochel stood at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighed no more than 55 kilograms. Her distinctive physical characteristics would be black hair and brown eyes.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Out of various social media platforms, Rochel uses Facebook and Instagram only. As of this writing, she was active on both platforms. Her Instagram handle, which had 972 followers, was private as of April 2021.

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Rochel Beckman Net Worth, Job 

For education, Rochel went to El Toro High School. Completing her high school from there, she joined Concordia University Irvine for her undergraduate studies.

Presently, Rochel works as a bartender at The Rush Bar and Grill located at The Lake Forest, California, which is partly owned by her boyfriend Jarrod.

Reportedly, Rochel’s net worth was estimated to be around $400 thousand as of April 2021. Furthermore, her boyfriend’s net worth was reported to be $2 million by the Cinemaholic.

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Jarrod Schulz And Rochel Beckman: Dating

As Brandi told The Dad Diary that she and Jarrod broke up back in 2018, chances are Jarrod began dating Rochel at the beginning of 2019.

Jarrod and Rochel became Instagram official in February 2019, which is also the date when Jarrod was first seen with Rochel together in a picture.

According to TV Shows Ace reports, Rochel gushed about their relationship in December 2019. Through the post, Rochel told how great a year 2019 was for her. Her original words went like this: ‘It’s crazy how much happier life can be when you are appreciated and cared for the way a person should be.’


Rochel and her boyfriend Jarrod during one of their trips.

Furthermore, the adorable duo also took a trip to Hawaii on a cruise ship in November 2019. Rochel told about the trip to Hawaii to her fans and followers through social media handles.

It’s not only Rochel who talks about her loved one on her social media handle, Jarrod does it too. For instance, on January 18, 2020, he posted cozy selfies with Rochel on his Facebook handle and wrote, “Feeling happy at Disneyland with Rochel Beckman.”

Rochel Beckman Kids

While big-time Storage Wars fans might know that Jarrod had two beautiful kids with Brandi even though they never got married. The viewers might also know that when Jarrod and Brandi separated, Brandi took full custody of the kids. However, what the Storage Wars viewers are unaware of is whether Jarrod’s present girlfriend has any kids of her own.

Starcasm first reported that Rochel is a mother to three kids, all boys who seem to be in their late teens.

One of her sons, Dominic Jaramillo, turned 18 in 2020. Rochel made a Facebook post on April 25, 2020, to wish a very happy birthday to her son.

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