Amazon Prime Video is releasing new docuseries Tampa Baes in 2021’s fall.

The eight-episode reality series follows a group of young lesbian friends — Ali Myers, Nelly Ramirez, Shiva Pishdad, Jordan Whitley, Marissa Gialousis, Summer Mitchell, Cuppie Bragg, Brianna Murphy, Haley Grable, Melanie Posner, Olivia Mullins, and Mack McKenzie — who are part of the “it-crowd” in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Now, in the rest of the writing find out all about one of its cast — Melanie Posner.

This Melanie Posner’s Wiki mostly combines her Tampa Baes’s journey, partner, age, and job-related stories.

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Melanie Posner On Tampa Baes

Lately, Amazon Studios announced Melanie Posner and the others will be shown navigating and celebrating life in the “ever-growing LGBTQ+ hotspot on the Florida shoreline” on Tampa Baes.

You will be seeing Melanie as someone always ready for an adventure or a good party.

Melanie and her group of loyal friends and, sometimes “more than friends”, are ambitious and unapologetic as they continually battle “stereotypes and labels.”

Melanie is more than honored and excited honored to be in a show focusing on the lives of lesbians. And as a result of it, she could not contend the happiness and took to her social media to announce — she and her pals have made it to the New York Post, Yahoo, People Magazine, and more within 24 hours (after they were officiated as the cast of Tampa Baes.)

Initially, as Melanie and the others awaited the show’s premiere in the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, and New Zealand, and then all across the world, Tampa Baes already faced some criticism for colorism.

Melanie Posner Age, Birthday

Melanie Posner celebrates her birthday every year on October 17th. This makes her a Libra who reached the age of 27 in 2020.

Her Family, Hometown

Melanie Posner grew up in a Jewish family and her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Her father Larry Posner is a proud single dad to Melanie and his sister Rachel Posner. He was 61-year-old at the time of this writing.

Happily retired, Larry, went to Northeast High School, studied at Community College of Philadelphia, and now (2021) lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Then, Melanie’s sister, Rachel, is a buyer at Bealls Outlet and associate Buyer at Burlington. In the past, she worked as an assistant merchandiser/buyer at Nasty Gal and BCBGMAXAZRIA. She studied Business Management, Marketing & Psychology at Temple University and now (in 2021) lived in West Hollywood, California. (

Meanwhile, Melanie called Saint Petersburg, Florida as her home.

Melanie Posner Height

Melanie Posner stands below to a height of 5’5” or 1.65 meters.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Until Aug. 2, 2021, Melanie Posner had 8,942 followers on her Instagram @therealmelpoz.

Meanwhile, Melanie enjoyed 36 followers on her Twitter @therealmelpoz1 after she joined in Jan. 2019.

Meanie, then, entertained 5151 followers and 11.5K overall likes on her TikTok @therealmelpoz.

Melanie Posner Job, Net Worth

Before the world knew about Melanie Posner’s Tampa Baes stint she already had an estimated $350K net worth.

Then, besides Tampa Baes, Melanie is a Fine Artist and Muralist working mostly in the St. Petersburg Florida area.

Also already on IMBD, she had been doing her own freelance at Melanie Posner Art since Jan. 2017.

As a photo-realistic painter, her art is advanced in multiple mediums. She works with business owners in creating custom murals, signs, logos, or paintings for their companies and brands. As well, she lives paints for festivals and events throughout America. The very works can be seen in local galleries, restaurants, and all over Tampa Bay.

Melanie also happens to be one of the artists who created St. Petersburg’s famous ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural.

You can buy her art or view her exceptional portfolio at

Melanie Posner Partner, Girlfriend

Melanie Posner came out when she was thirteen and has been proud and thriving since. So, now, with Tampa Baes, she is excited for the world to get to know her and hear her stories.

In the meantime, we know, Melanie had been dating her girlfriend Nicole McHenry since at least early 2016. Celebrating December in 2016, Melanie had cited Nicole as the “best gift” she got that year.

The same year, Melanie also Facebooked — “I always feel really awkward when people say my girlfriend and I look like sisters.”

In 2017, there were “who wore it better?” selfies posted of her, and Nicole.

Then lately on March 23, 2020, when sharing some cute pictures of her dog covered in a cake, Melanie mentioned, she had originally bought the dog for her girlfriend’s birthday.

That been said, it was still not clear if Nicole continued to be Melanie’s partner even (as of Tampa Baes time).

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