Meet Lillie Haynes, one of the 12 new faces (6 guys and 6 girls) who entered Love Island UK Season 7 for the season’s eagerly awaited Casa Amor.

A self-proclaimed “quite cheeky, naturally flirty, and get what I want”, Lillie knows what she wants from the Island. Girls who are already in the villa must watch for Lillie as she said:

“If I want something I’ll be the first one out there, trying it, doing it and I’m not scared to take risks.”

Read more of this Lillie Haynes Wiki to find out.

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Lillie Haynes On Love Island

The July 26, 2021-episode showed Lillie and the others on their way to shake things up in the Majorcan villa that, at the time, had one girlfriend and boyfriend, four seemingly strong couples, plus an “awkward friendship and a brand new couple.

Lillie thus arrived on the island with the mindset, “I don’t mind stepping on toes. I’m there for the same reason they are.” And she already had her eyes set on two of the boys, Liam and Jake, settled in the villa since (June 28, 2021).

Days prior to Casa Amor twist, Lillie explained she has got her eye on Jake. Because, she believed Jake is “100% the type of boy” she would go home for, plus, that “it’s too good of a match not to just go for.”

Then, about Liam (who is also “just beautiful” in the other new-comer Mary Bedford‘s eyes) Lillie shared:

“Liam is definitely a dark horse for me, he’s like James Bond when you look at him, absolutely gorgeous. So he could be a very close second.”

Overall, Lillie was hopeful to be on Love Island to date people she does not usually date and explore options that she would not do otherwise.

Her Age, Birthday

Lillie Haynes celebrates her birthday on November 10th. Every year, she spends the day surrounded by all her favorite people. Based on the fact, we can tell, she is a Scorpio who reached the age of 22 late in 2020.

Lillie Haynes Family

Lillie looks exactly like her mom, Claire Craig who lived in South Shields (as of July 2021). She often spends time with her “mama bear.”

Then, there is dad, a sister named Shona Boddy, and a 5-year-old sister in Lillie’s family. And the Haynes siblings also seemed to be in love with their young-appearing grandparents.

Lillie Haynes Height, Plastic Surgery

Lillie Haynes stands to a height of 5’4” or 1.625 meters. From the look of her epic photoshoots on Instagram, Lillie also seemed to be collecting the best shots for her swimsuit/lingerie modeling portfolio.

Regarding the plastic surgery speculations — Lillie shared a couple of selfies of her in May 2020 on IG that clearly showed she had lip fillers done.

Her TikTok, YouTube

Until July 27, 2021, Lillie Haynes had 20.6K followers on her Instagram @lillie.haynes.

Meanwhile, Lillie enjoyed 44.2K followers and overall 458.3 likes on her TikTok @lillie.haynes.

Lillie also attempted to pull in more than 957 subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

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Lillie Haynes Job, Net Worth

By the time, the world first knew about Lillie Hayne’s Love Island stint, she had less than an estimated $100K net worth.

Professionally, Lillie is a trainee accountant. From what she said, she gave up dancing to focus on her natural abilities with maths and science, and also kind of liked the sound of finance and accountancy.

As per calculations, someone like Lillie, working as a trainee accountant in London made an average salary of £26,749 per year.

Lillie Haynes Boyfriend

Lillie Haynes was quite clear that she arrived on Love Island to not just shake things up but also fall in love or if not, at least have some flings and explore other options.

So, she did not already seem to have any boyfriend back home as of July 2021.

Lillie had also expressed about going on the show for “variation” because normally her dating style is “very normal.”

Further, Lillie had detailed her dating pattern like — she usually meets a guy, “date him, date him” and only then she ends up being his girlfriend — but it never worked out.

Before Love Island happened, Lillie wanted to meet “loads of different people” that she would not normally come across. And she always hoped to date them all essentially. And only then she would pick the one she like from that bunch (to be her boyfriend) rather than sticking with one.

Thus Lillie, who described herself as a “very harsh person” hinted these dating behaviors of hers never gave her the results she expected. Now, as a Casa Amor islander on the dating game show, she aspires to change all that.

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