A banal statement to begin with: one person’s support, especially if the person is the person you love, can make you achieve great feats. The statement rings very true in the case of Romesh Ranganathan and his wife Leesa Ranganathan.

Today, Romesh is one of the best comedians in Britain, but there was a time when he had almost left comedy because of the racism he faced. And it was his wife, Leesa, who not only kept him pushing during those difficult times but also helped him face the racism.

Keep reading the article to know more about Romesh’s wife, Leesa.

Leesa Ranganathan Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to google, Leesa Ranganathan was born in the year 1979. If so, she was 42 years of age.

Furthermore, according to one Twitter post from Romesh, Leesa’s birthday was on 12 April. That meant, her zodiac sign was Aries.

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Leesa Ranganathan Wiki: Mother, Maiden Name, Is She Polish?

Leesa’s maiden name was Leesa Maynard. Some social media research listed people named Christine Maynard and Simon Maynard as her family members. We do know what relation they have with Leesa.

Christine might be her mother, but we could not be sure. Christine’s Facebook had only one picture and even that of a dog.

Was she Polish? Not sure exactly. There was no information regarding her ethnicity. Romesh, on the other hand, was British with Sri-Lankan roots. The ethnicity of his parents, Shanti and Ranga, was Sri-Lankan.

About Leesa Ranganathan Height, Eye, Distinct Features

Leesa Ranganathan stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches, give or take. Talking about her distinct features, she has brown colored eyes, very high cheekbones. And dimples form on her cheeks whenever she smiles.

Leesa’s husband has a rather peculiar distinct feature. His eyelids of the right eye tend to droop (fall over). It was a deficiency called right-sided ptosis, or as Romesh himself calls it, “lazy eye”.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Leesa was a rather private person. Even though her husband was a highly popular celebrity, she had kept her life very tight secret.

Her Instagram, which had just 67 followers, was kept private. Her Facebook profile had a lot of photos of her and her children but nothing much else.

We could not find her on Twitter.

Leesa Ranganathan Net Worth, Job, Education

Professionally, Leesa Ranganathan was in the field of education. According to her Linkedin profile, she had a job as a teacher in Redhill, a small town in Surrey, England. She also had experience as a drama teacher at Hazelwick School.

Talking about Leesa’s own academic qualifications, we do not know for sure she got her education.

Sources tell us that the average salary of a drama teacher in the UK was about £31k. Leesa must have once earned around that mark every year. (Diazepam) Her net worth, as of February 2021, and independent of her husband, was around £300 thousand.

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Leesa & Romesh Ranganathan: Wedding, Children, How Did They Meet?

Long before he became the comedian that he is today, Romesh met Leesa. At that time, Romesh was also working as a teacher in Hazelwick School and performing a few comedy gigs here and there.

The two of them met, fell in love, and eventually married in 2009. And they have three kids, all three suns: Theo, Alex, and Charlie. An interesting fact about Charlie: Charlie was born during Edinburgh Fringe Festival while Romesh was performing at the festival.

Leesa and Romesh celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary in 2020. And during all these years, Leesa was a rock, standing solidly behind Romesh in every situation.

Even during the early days, when Romesh wanted to quit comedy because of the racism he was facing from the audience, Leesa encouraged him to persevere and herself gave him full support.

On the downside, Leesa checks and approves all the jokes about her and the children that Romesh was going to perform. Without her permission, Romesh does not perform any jokes in the public. That is understandable for a private person like Leesa.


Leesa Ranganathan, her husband, and her children (PC:

Romesh once revealed the key to his happy marriage: his comedy tours. Without those tours, Romesh quipped, he and Leesa would be together more often and soon would be divorced. That and Leesa was too tired to have an affair as she had to look after the children.

Romesh had also talked about regretting having three children. Three children are a handful and whenever he tries to help Leesa in taking care of the children, he is exhausted.

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