Sports-persons are not really famous for their romantic gestures. However, NFL star Dan Orlovsky once got incredibly romantic when he proposed to his wife, Tiffany Orlovsky. As a celebration of the sportsman’s romantic side, here is an article about his wife.

Read along to know more about Tiffany, including interesting wikis about her and Dan, and about the romantic engagement as well.

Tiffany Orlovsky Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to a birthday wish post on her husband’s IG, Tiffany Orlovsky was born on 14 of March 1983. That meant she turned 37 years of age on her 2020 birthday.

Furthermore, being born on the 14th of March, she had the zodiac sign of Pisces.

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Tiffany Orlovsky Wiki — Maiden Name, Hometown, Family

Tiffany’s maiden name was Tiffany Lesher. Her hometown was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We do not know exactly where she was born, but she grew up in Pennsylvania. It was likely she was also born there.

Our sources mentioned people named Kevin Lesher, Ellen Lesher, Brian Lesher, Shaun Lesher, and Dan Orlovsky as her family members. Among them, Dan was her husband, but we do not know Tiffany’s relationship with these other family members.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Tiffany had a decent reach on social media, considering that she was not really a public personality. She was, however, very active on social media.

On Instagram, she had 2.7k followers with 992 posts as of Feb 2021. In comparison, her husband, Dan Orlovsky had almost 32k followers.

She also had a Facebook account, which had a lot of photos of her kids but not much else.

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Tiffany Orlovsky Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Tiffany Orlovsky is a woman of rather short height. She stood at a meager height of 5 ft 1 inch over a foot and half shorter than her husband. Dan stood at a gigantic height of 6 ft 7 inches.

Furthermore, Tiffany had a modest weight of 48 kgs.

Talking about her distinct features, Tiffany had beautiful blonde hair, rather narrow cheeks, and jaws.

Tiffany Orlovsky Net Worth, Job, Education

Her Linkedin profile had no information regarding her education. However, there was this little detail known that Tiffany went to the same high school as Dan’s teammate Jeff Fox. And Jeff went to Plymouth Meeting in Pennsylvania. So, Tiffany went to Plymouth Meeting.

We did not know anything about where she went for her college education.

Her Linkedin profile did have some information regarding her job experiences. According to Tiffany’s Linkedin, she had worked and was currently working at Philadelphia 76ers. In fact, she had been working at Philadelphia 76ers for over 15 years (since 2006).

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Dan Orlovsky & Tiffany: Engagement, Wedding, Kids

As we have already said, Tiffany’s husband is Dan Orlovsky. Dan is a famous American football who played for the Detroit Lions for most of his career. He also played for Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Before NFL, Dan used to play for the collegiate team of the University of Connecticut. It was in fact, Dan’s UConn background that made Dan and Tiffany meet.

They met in 2006 at the wedding of Jeff Fox. Yes, the same Jeff Fox who was not only Dan’s teammate from his UConn days but also went to the same high school as Tiffany.

Tiffany and Dan dated for a few years and then got married in 2009. However, before the wedding happened there was an engagement with a grand romantic gesture.

Before the engagement, Dan and Tiffany had a tradition: Dan sent flowers to Tiffany every day. On Thanksgiving day 2008, Tiffany was watching Dan’s game with her family.

Later in the evening, Dan came knocking at the door. Tiffany was surprised because only a while ago, Dan was in Detroit, playing his game, and she was watching him on the television. And Dan had never been to Tiffany’s family’s house before.

Tiffany was surprised but her surprise got even bigger, and better when Dan said he wanted to give her something but this time it was not a flower. Then, he bent his knees and asked her to marry him, in front of all her family.

Of course, Tiffany said yes and they married a few months later on 1 June 2009. In 2011, they had triplets, all three sons, Madden, Noah, and Hunter. In 2015, their only daughter among their four kids, Lennon, was born.


Tiffany, her husband, and their kids during 2020 Haloween (PC: Tiffany’s IG)

Currently, the Orlovsky family lives in Houston.

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