You might have heard inspirational stories but nothing similar to the story of Dr. Miami and his wife Eva Zafira Zion. It is the story of Dr. Miami becoming a celebrity plastic surgeon and it is the story of how his love for Eva Zafira inspired him to incredible career heights.

Dr. Miami might be world-famous today but he would have been nothing had it not been for his wife. So, it is vital to understand who his wife is. Read the article below to know more about his wife and how she inspired Dr. Miami to current heights.

Eva Zafira Zion Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Eva Zafira was born on 10 June 1972, which meant she was 48 years of age by the time this article was penned (11 February 2020).

Furthermore, Eva, having her birthday on the 10th of June, her zodiac sign was Gemini.

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Eva Zafira Zion Family, Hometown, Heritage

She was born as Eva Zafira Zion to parents Israel Zion and Mireille Zion. Eva’s family are American but had Middle Eastern Jewish heritage.

Eva was born in Brooklyn, New York. And New York City was her hometown.

Her Height, Weight

Eva Zafira Zion stood at an above-average height of 5 ft 7 inches. In fact, there was an interesting story about her height. Apparently, Eva had the same height as her husband. And during their wedding, Eva had to wear flats so that she wouldn’t look taller than her husband.

She weighed about 60 kgs.

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Is She On Instagram And Facebook?

Unfortunately, we could not find her on any of the social media platforms, neither on Facebook nor on Instagram or Twitter.

It was rather odd considering that her husband had a massive social media presence. He had 1.5M followers on Instagram and over 186k on Twitter.

Eva Zafira Zion Job, Net Worth, Education

Talking about her education, Eva had a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology. She also had an alma mater from the University of Missouri as well as Brooklyn College.

We do not know which university Eva went to for her master’s degree. But she graduated from the university with a Magna Cum Laude.

We do not know what job exactly Eva does, maybe something related to organizational psychology, maybe some managerial job. She is, however, a fantastic cook and can make her living by cooking.

Her net worth, as of the time this article was written, was roughly about $5 million. Her husband, on the other hand, incredibly successful as he was, had a net worth of over $25 million.

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Eva Zafira Zion And Dr. Miami: Kids, Wedding, How Did They Meet?

Finally, let us come to the relationship of Eva Zafira Zion and Michael Salzhauer (a.k.a. Dr. Miami). Eva and Michael were college sweethearts. They met in the Brooklyn college cafeteria while they were dining. The two had a lot of the same interests and thus started dating.

After dating for a few years, they eventually married in a traditional Jewish wedding at the Temple of Israel of Lawrence in Long Island. The wedding happened on 9 July 1995, with Eva wearing traditional white and Michael in a fine tuxedo.

Eva and Michael had five children, Aleah, Tzvika, David, Coby, and Yonatan. Among them, the eldest daughter is already married and even expecting her first child. After all, it has been over 25 years since their wedding.

In fact, to celebrate their 25 years of married life and almost 30 years of being together, Eva and Michael had planned a trip to Europe. But they had to reschedule that due to the COVID outbreak.

Eventually, we have to talk about the inspirational story behind Michael’s success as a plastic surgeon. When Eva and Michael were 18 years of age, Eva had a terrible accident. The wounds slowly healed but a scar was left behind on her face.

Eva wanted to be rid of that scar. So, when the two of them were in the waiting room of a surgeon, Michael was just amazed by the kind of changes the surgeon could make. That inspired him to become someone capable of such magic.

He wanted to help women who are suffering from deep mental problems because of how they look. And he eventually became a surgeon with expertise in rhinoplasty and buttock augmentations.

Currently, Eva lives with her husband and her four younger kids in Florida.


Eva Zafira with her husband and her kids (PC:

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