When something becomes commonplace, it usually loses its charm. For regular followers of channels like DIY Network, Home Renovation shows might have become commonplace. But sometimes there are characters like Johnny Jett who bring freshness to the tired premise.

In this article, we go deep into Johnny Jett’s life and dig out information regarding his age and his wife.

Johnny Jett Dead Or Alive?

As far as we know, Johnny was alive as of March 2021.

There was an obituary of a Johnny Jett who had passed away in 2012. Of course, it was some other Johnny Jett, only the namesake of our Johnny Jett. Our Johnny Jett was not only alive still, but he had also appeared on TV as a fit and fine builder, although of old age.

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About Johnny Jett Age, Birthday, Zodiac

We found out that Johnny Jett turned 72 years of age in 2020 and also that his birthday was on the 29th of April. Putting two and two together, we can say that Johnny was born on 29 April 1948.

Furthermore, because of his 29th April birthday, his zodiac sign was Taurus.

Johnny Jett Wikipedia — Family, Hometown, Education

Johnny Jett was an old man with even older parents, one of whom, his father, Gene Jett, was still alive. The old man Jett was in his late eighties/early nineties. His mother, Leota Hawkins Jett, had died in 2010, at the age of 79.

Apart from his parents, Johnny also had a brother in his family. This brother, who was called William Eugene “Billy” Jett unfortunately passed away in 1994.

Johnny’s hometown was Morehead, Kentucky. However, he later lived and worked in West Virginia. Johnny was a proud American and was very patriotic.

While we are in the family section, it might be prudent to mention one rather witty aspect of Johnny. In one IG post, it was quipped that Johnny had a “long-lost brother” who played in a Muppet band.

We do not know anything about Johnny’s education.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Johnny was not big on social media. To be honest, he did not use social media that much. He used it sporadically, and only as an outlet for his art (we’ll come to it later).

On Instagram, he had 764 followers and only 15 posts as of Feb 2021. On Twitter, he had even less reach, with only 211 followers. His Facebook page had a little more audience. It had 6.4k likes and 6.6k followers.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Johnny Jett stands at an average height of 5 ft 10 inches and weighs under 75 kgs. His distinct features include a large blonde mustache, a rather skinny body, and a wrinkled face.

Johnny Jett Net Worth, Barnwood Builders, Career

Johnny is a builder by profession and he is rather gifted at using the forklift. He had been in the cabin building business for a long time and honed his skills over the years.

His cabin profession has been well documented by DIY Network’s Barnwood Builders. Barnwood Builders follows a band of West Virginia cabin builders, Johnny among them, in their quest to convert old and historic barns into modern cabins and houses.

The leader of the Barnwood Builders team was Mark Bowe. Johnny and Mark were lifelong friends, having first met when Mark was just beginning on the cabin business.

Apart from Barnwood Builders, Johnny had also appeared in a similar documentary Down Home: Where the Past Is Present back in 2006.

Apart from building, Johnny was also interested in art, especially paintings. His website shows various paintings he had created. He also sells his paintings, almost all of which cost $95.

His high salary in Barnwood Builders (as much as $10k per episode) powers him to work on his art. Johnny Jett’s net worth, as of today, was estimated to be around $400 thousand.

Johnny Jett Wife, Donna Jett, Kids

On the personal front, we know the name of Johnny Jett’s wife, Donna Jett. Not much else was known about her.

Johnny and his wife, Donna had only one kid, a son named Johnny Gene Jett. Again, not much else was known about Johnny Gene except that he was already a grown man with two kids of his own. According to Johnny, his son made his living by operating equipment.

Both of Johnny and Donna’s grandkids were boys by the names Nicholas Jett and Jonathan Jett.

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