For more than a decade, The Bill Michaels Show had been entertaining the sports lovers at WSSP, a Milwaukee based sports talk radio station. On 8 January 2021, Bill Michaels himself decided to call quits on the show.

So, on the occasion of the end of an era, we bring to you an article about Bill Michaels himself. Read the article to its completion to know more about Bill Michaels, who he was, what his legacy was, and why he quit his long-running show.

Bill Michaels Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to our trusted source, Bill Michaels’ birthday was on December 4. According to our not-so-trusted source, Bill was born in 1967. If we were to trust both our trusted and not-so-trusted sources, Bill turned 54 years in late-2020.

Without concerning too much about trust, we can pretty much say that with his December 4th birthday, Bill’s zodiac sign was Sagittarius.

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Bill Michaels Wiki — Family, Real Name, Hometown

Coming to the information about Bill’s family life, there was not much information. A little bit was known about Bill’s father. In one of the interviews, Bill mentioned that his dad was a Bart Starr fan. So, he grew up loving Green Bay Packers.

Growing up, he also loved his hometown team Cinncinati Cyclones very much. Bill was born and raised in Cinncinati, Ohio.

Furthermore, in May 2019, Bill’s father had a stroke. Bill posted a photo of his father recovering on his Facebook but there was no mention afterward about whether or not his father fully recovered from the stroke.

There was nothing else about anyone else in his family. Well, there was some information about his wife and children but more about them in another section.

Also, Bill had a nickname in his line of work, “The Big Unit”. There were also some rumors that Bill Michaels was not his real name. However, Bill had never mentioned any other real name.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Bill Michaels was a big old man. He stood at a height of over 6 ft 6 inches. And he had a bulk of a body with a weight of around 98 kgs.

Talking about his distinct features, Bill was a man of commonplace features. He had a small crop of black hair and blue eyes. More often than not, one could find him wearing plain rimless glasses.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Bill Michaels had a decent following on social media, especially on Twitter. He did not seem to have an Instagram account, but he did have two Facebook accounts apparently. One had a tick and was his official channel. ( We are not sure about the other account.

On Twitter, he had 20.9k followers. Most of his tweets in Jan 2021 were all concerning him quitting his radio show. His older posts were all about sports.

Bill Michaels New Job, Net Worth, Salary

Bill Michaels was most famous for his radio shows on various sports stations. However, before starting his career in radio, he studied journalism and mass communication at Ohio State University.

He graduated from the University in 1998 and his first job was for WRCR in Rushville, Indiana.

In 1999, Bill got a gig as a Radio Broadcaster for WLW Radio Cincinnati. He worked for WLW for a couple of years and then moved to Milwaukee to work for WTMJ Radio.

He worked for WTMJ for over 12 years, as an on-air talent, talk show host, Packers Radio Network host, and much more.

After leaving WTMJ in 2011, Bill joined WSSP (also known as 1250 AM The Fan). For WSSP, Bill hosted his own talk show about sports called The Bill Michaels Show.

After almost a decade on WSSP and over 25 years in radio, Bill decided to end his career on the radio (at least for the time being). On 8 January 2021, WSSP executive producer read the farewell letter from Bill.

According to the letter, Bill was leaving the airwaves because of stress and the need to focus on something else in his life. In the last couple of days after the announcement, there was a barrage of love and support for Bill. WSSP producer Joe even claimed that he was a man of vision.

And his show was going to be replaced by another program called The Big Show.

Finally, Bill Michaels used to earn a salary of over $100 thousand every year, according to our sources. Similarly, as of January 2021, Bill had an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

As of 10th Jan 2021, Bill Michaels hadn’t updated his LinkedIn and Facebook. Thus, nobody knew about his new job.

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Bill Michaels Wife, Son, Married

In 2018, Bill Michaels married his wife Sherry DuChateau. According to her LinkedIn profile, Sherry was an underwriter consultant at Lincoln Financial Group in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

She had also previously worked as a Life Insurance Underwriter. For her education, she had gone to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with a BS degree in health information and medical records administration.


Bill Michaels and his wife Sherry DuChateau at their wedding day circa 2018 (PC: Bill’s Twitter)

There was not much information about when or where Bill met his wife Sherry. What was known, however, was that the couple got married towards the end of July 2018.

It was likely that Sherry was not Bill’s first wife. There was a mention of a fiancee named Judy around 2001. However, it was not known if the two of them ever got married.

Furthermore, Bill also had a son, possibly from a previous wife, who had died a little before 1994. Again, there was no further information about this son and the mother of his son.

It was also likely that Bill’s wife, Sherry, was also previously married. She had two young children, a son, and a daughter, but they could not be Bill’s children as they too old, and Bill and Sherry only got married in 2018.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not either of them was previously married, they found each other eventually and were happily living together in Wisconsin.

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