Lee Anne Wong is the original cast to the reality TV-show Top Chef All-Stars. Wong finished in the 4th position in the opening season of the show. She then partook in the following season from 2 to 7, helping the crew and acting as the supervising culinary producer.

Despite her pregnancy, Wong was back in the show’s season 15 Last Chance Kitchen. Though she poured her best efforts, the show took a toll on her during the camping challenge where she developed attitude sickness. Sadly, Wong exited the competition after the 8th round.

In 2020, with new enthusiasm and hopes to win it all, Lee Anne Wong was back again on season 17 of Top Chef All-Stars. It was reported that Wong’s dining room at her Hawaiian establishment was under the crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic.

A plea for help for the right cause, Wong had initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support her employees.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Height

Lee Anne Wong was 42 years old as she returned to Top Chef All-Stars 2020.

Around October, Wong celebrates her birthday. Her birthday falls four weeks before her son Rye’s birthday.

Wong was born and raised in upstate Troy, New York in a suburban neighborhood. She would play sports like softball, soccer, ice hockey even with boys as a child.

Admittedly, Wong wasn’t always so passionate about cooking. She was more into regular fast foods like hot dogs and pizzas.

It was after Wong moved to NY city for college, she slowly began to develop her palates and was immersed in pleasing it.

Lee Anne Wong stands tall at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157.48 cm).

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Family, Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Lee Ann Wong proudly flaunts her Asian culinary skills along with her 100% Chinese ethnicity.

Her mother was a Phillippinan immigrant with Chinese heredity. And though her father was born in the USA, he was a native to China.

The passion for cooking didn’t particularly come from the family. As far as Wong remembers, her father only knew how to fry bologna. Her mother, on the other hand, was a self-taught cook.

Wong’s parents were always supportive of her. She mentioned, in time of need they were her friends and her siblings too.

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Education, Restaurants, Net Worth

To educate herself, Lee Anne Wong attended the International Culinary Center (ICC). She was set to enter the fashion industry as she studied design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Later, with a change of mine and to pursue her career, she trained in culinary arts at Marcus Samuelsson’s Aquavit.

The Hawaiian Airlines Executive Chef Lee Anne Wong is an expert when it comes to the food business industry.

In 2014, Wong opened an island-style brunch house named Koko Head Cafe, in the Kaimuki, Honolulu.

Wong moved to Maui along with her husband and kid to renovate her first and oldest hotel The Pioneer Inn.

As of 2020, Wong was in search of her next location to branch Koko Head Cafe. She also was the consulting partner with Sweetcatch Poke NYC.

Accounting for all her assets and incomes, Lee Anne Wong’s net worth was estimated to be around $250,000 before 2020.

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Lee Anne Wong Recipes

In 2014, Lee Anne Wong published her first recipe book, Dumplings All Day Wong.

In March 2017, Wong’s happiness peaked as she became the Executive Chef for Hawaiian Airlines.

Wong spoke about how important was it to address the flavors as the taste buds are diminished at an elevated height. As her menu only included seasonal and colorful ingredients, she was wary of allergies and dietary restrictions.

Some of her fan-favorite recipes include Citrus Upside Down Cake, Strawbetter Coconut Trifle, Braised Chicken with Miso-Adobo Butter, Almond Panna Cotta and Mac Nut Rum Pie.

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Married, Husband, Kids


Lee Anne Wong with her son and husband (Source: Wong’s Instagram)

Lee Anne Wong took time off cooking as her son Rye was born in November 2017.

Wong recalled, the doctor had to perform a c-section as her kid decided to stay inside despite her being in labor for four days.

She added, her husband laid by her side for all four nights and more. He was the best husband that Wong ever wished for.

Wong’s love for her husband sparked as she mentioned, getting married was the best thing that ever happened to her. The duo’s married life was going strong for over 3 years.

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